Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ride Captain Ride upon Your Magic Ship

Imagine if you will a trip into the wilderness of an ocean voyage. Not just a simple three hour tour, but a trip that would keep you at sea for 1000 days! As incredible as that sounds, that is exactly what is now underway. Yes, a trip at sea planned to sail upon all of the great oceans of the world. It is a trip which began on April 21, 2007 and will not end until the year 2010.

The man who had the courage to envision such a trip is Reid Stowe who, along with his first mate Soanya Ahmad, will attempt what seems almost an impossible task. As much as I would like to be with them for at least a time I don’t think that I could take such a long voyage. The New York Circle line is more my limit of on the water time.

But the idea of being under sail seems like a great adventure. I will always be thinking of them while I am sitting in traffic. You can follow the adventure on the web as they will be reporting in from time to time. I plan on blogging about the adventure on occasion as the couple makes their way around the oceans.

We think of the world as a proposition of land, divided continents. But the world is truly one world all connected by vast oceans of water. Perhaps by sailing those oceans Reid and Soanya are able to teach us all a lesson. We are all one people divided only by oceans of brine. Perhaps those oceans are not so wide that we cannot learn to respect each other.

Perhaps one of the lessons to be learned on this journey of adventure is that the human spirit can overcome any adversity which we might face as we sail into the darkness of night. Join me in following the adventure of the Schooner Anne. Come with me and follow
"The Mars Ocean Odyssey.”

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