Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Savage Not To Seek Presidential Bid

Michael Savage in a recent radio show stated that he has no intention of seeking the office of President of the United States in what I see as a low key back down. When he first announced that he was mulling the idea he made a great event of it and had people go to his website to vote on the issue of what he should do.

But on his recent show he simply made the statement that he knows that he could not possible raise the money required for such a run. Even though that might be true it is strange how he quickly swept the idea off the table and moved onto other things. Perhaps it was due to his speaking off the cuff style that permitted him to indicate that he was out.

I am not so certain that he is really done with the idea. He talked about how he could easily be number one in radio if he chose to do so but stated that such a thing had no real meaning to him. Savage sounds as if he is a man with a lot of things on his mind. One has to wonder what direction he is about to go in.

Sure, he is well set financially as he himself will readily admit, but he seems as a man with a troubled soul. He could not possible give up talk radio since a man with the ego the size of Savages’ could not possible walk away from the ability to tell people his opinion.

Perhaps he is preparing himself for that day when the left does their very best to shut down his type of speech. If there were ever a time when this country needed a man like Michael Savage it is now.

I would hope that Savage doesn’t run out of steam just when the train is racing toward the high grade. There are a lot of people who would rejoice in the streets if Michael Savage were to call it quits. I would not be one of those people.
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