Friday, May 25, 2007

Free F.M. *R.I.P.

How someone can take the best F.M. station in New York City and go back to a music format is anyone’s guess. But that is the reality of it. With no advance warning a great moment in New York Radio is dead.

Fair thee well Chick, Butch and Chuck. Take care Brown Lung. Nick D. keep them laughing. Ron, watch out for the rubes and Fez get healthy. Eastside Dave, stay happy and upbeat. You friend inspire me. After all marriage isn’t so bad once you get adjusted to the rattle of the chains.

I sincerely hope that some farsighted station P.D. in New York City has the intelligence to pick up all of these shows. If any New York P.D. is reading this you have a guaranteed instant audience.
*Freedom of Speech or Death
Snake Oil Sam
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