Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hannity Says Organic Outrage! Snake Says Savage Outrage!!

Sean Hannity has referred to the inundation of Congress with e-mails and phone calls as something which occurred “organically.” He says that it something which he did not ask his listeners to do. The fact is that Michael Savage unleashed the Savage Nation and if anyone is to be credited with this inundation of outraged constituents it is clearly Michael Savage.

Why is it that conservative talk show hosts refuse to give the credit to Michael Savage? Why are they so afraid to admit that he is on top of just about all political issues affecting the security of America, days, often weeks before the matter comes into the radar screens of other talkers?

I often laugh when I hear them bring up a topic as current and even breaking news when Savage has been talking about it at length for weeks. Boys, you are all in the game together so if you want to do show prep, simply listen to Savage on Thursday so that you will know what to talk about on Friday.

Yes, it is a fact that you members of Congress in Washington have Dr. Savage to thank for all of your phone calls and e-mails. This action is about as "organic" as tin. You in Congress have been placed on notice. No veiled threats have been made. The message is clear and simple.

If you want to keep your glorified seat than kill this immigration reform bill. No amnesty! No immigration reform will be accepted by the American people until you secure the border with Mexico and get control of what is currently out of control and an invasion of American sovereignty!

Otherwise, borrowing from Dirty Harry, you Congress people had better consider this thought. This is a 44 magnum. It is the most powerful vote in the world. Feeling lucky punk? Well, are you?
Freedom of Speech or Death
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