Thursday, May 03, 2007

HR 3302 Free Speech under Attack/Savage Declares War on the Pink Hand

Homosexual Radical America is warned. Michael Savage has declared war on the homosexual mafia. Savage is prepared to challenge George Soros and his Move On organization. Savage dares a Congressional Subpoena.

Savage will unleash conservative America on Washington if it becomes necessary. It is time for Savage, Limbaugh and Hannity to stop the petty feud. Savage is ready to do that, are you Sean? How about you Mr. Limbaugh?

This is bigger than a little ego trip. It is a fight for the soul of America. All stand to lose if Soros, who Savage describes as a national socialist and the most dangerous man in America today, gets his way. Soros must not prevail.

The fact is that today Michael Savage is the most important voice in America. He is the only one with the courage and intellect to stand up to this enemy. It is time for all conservative talk show hosts to stand with Savage in support of him.

Simply stated, Savage is the lightning rod to which the attack is directed more than any other radio personality.

Savage is indeed the general Eisenhower of our day in the conservative war on the new socialist agenda. It is a war in which Savage, Limbaugh and Hannity must take the lead. It is a war which is of concern to all who understand the impact of a loss of free speech.

It was in fact I, Snake Oil Sam who gave America Sean Hannity. That is a long but true story. Today I am calling on Hannity to bury the hatchet. Petty rivalries are something that will be used against conservative talk radio to institute a “fairness” doctrine.

Give the enemy no opportunity to use a division among you. Let there be no division here among you. Always remember, unity is strength. Conservative radio must unite shoulder to shoulder with Savage.
Snake Oil Sam
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Addendum: The majority of google searches today directing readers here have been based on H.R. 3302 and Michael Savage. I intended to add a link to information on the Savage site when I posted this article. Because of some sort of interruption in the Savage site I was unable to do that. It appears to be some sort of denial of service attack. If that is the case, then under the current circumstances the Federal Bureau of Investigation needs to become involved in that matter.

So here is a link I had intended to provide on the subject from
insight magazine, related to this most important issue.

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