Friday, May 11, 2007

Making Waves for Free Speech

Just when you think that the people of America have become completely brain dead something happens which gives you hope. When plans are laid to limit or ban free speech most Americans take little or no notice of it. But when the result of that plan is seen in the entertainment of those same people being taken away, then those same people begin to take note. Not only do they take note, they take action.

While some people might not fully grasp or understand the political reasons behind the issue, they do understand that the entertainment they want is being threatened. And one thing Americans believe is that if they want something they should have access to it free of government interference. It might be done out of a selfish me first nature, but for whatever the reason it is good to see people fight for the right to hear the things they want to hear.

It is good to see people stand up in defense of free speech now under attack. But what is the reason for this seemingly sudden attack on speech. Is it simply that some groups have suddenly become sensitized to things which they feel are hurtful? No! There is a far more sinister agenda behind this issue.

It is no small coincidence that this issue has appeared as a very important political season approaches. Groups such as Move On, a political action committee allegedly backed by George Soros, a man Michael Savage has named the most dangerous man in America, are responsible for much of the behind the scenes speech control activity.

It is the Pink Hand which controls the mainstream media that is responsible for covering over important news stories and giving us nonsense like Paris Hilton and other non news as things we need to know about. It is done with a design of keeping the average American ignorant of important issues, issues of survival of a nation.

This is why people like Hannity, Savage and Limbaugh are threatened with silencing. But the action of censorship has begun to take on a life of its own. Even non political comedy shows such as Opie and Anthony, and Nick Depaolo are feeling pressure. Ironically it might very well prove to be this group which fights for free speech harder than any other.

When these shows begin to sound more like conservative talk radio in topic than like comedy programming you know something big is brewing. Since the listeners of these shows represent the mass of American culture they might very well prove to become the force behind the free speech limiting resistance movement. They might prove to be the new front for American Freedom. Joe Six Pack might still be the guy who saves America.

Still, it is important that Joe Six Pack begin to fully grasp the entire spectrum of the issue. The entire message is becoming lost which is fine with the left as they do well when the issue becomes shrouded in confusion. The true target is conservative talk radio. The fact that it is filtering down to the shock jock level and racial humor is just a matter of hysteria on the part of the networks.

The networks have to begin to understand that the majority of America is indeed the majority and that we will not have our rights defined by a small activist group or leftists and members of the Pink Hand.

Freedom of speech is why the site
People Against Censorship was established. It is a starting point in the meeting of like minds in order to put the media and government on notice that we are here and we have the power of a large and potentially political force which is organizing in order to defend our liberties.

It is in the interest of conservative talk radio hosts such as Sean Hannity, a fan and friend of Opie and Anthony, to join forces in this cause. We might not see eye to eye on all things but one thing we each understand is that we cannot afford to allow a small and socialist segment, a fringe group to deny us our birthright, freedom of speech and expression.

Freedom of Speech or Death!

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