Friday, May 11, 2007

Rampage of Censorship! Radio Programming Under Attack!!

Clearly there is sufficient evidence that Freedom of Speech is under attack in these United States. What is behind this activity and what is the potential effect upon all of us? This is something which I will be working on for a future article.

For the moment though I would direct your attention to a new site,
People Against Censorship, a site dedicated to activism on behalf of people who are beginning to see the danger of the slippery slope. Battle lines are being drawn.

Yes, even Al Sharpton is starting to feel the chilling effect of the censorship of speech and the power those words contain. What he is responsible for beginning via Don Imus is coming back to bite him. What he did, among other things, was to act as a useful tool for occult political forces working behind the scenes.

It will clearly bite each and every one of us if not stopped dead in its tracks. This issue is one which can do serious harm to the democratic process if not reigned in quickly. When one individual is denied the right to speak freely then all must in line be denied that same right.

I will attempt to compose a cogent article based on these themes along with other points related to this very important subject. It seems that the Pink Hand is simply going to attempt to carry out its plan through market forces and intimidation without the need for any governmental fairness doctrine.

In order to protect them and their radio shows, the most important thing which anyone who wants to protect their favorite radio personalities can do is to turn the table on the Pink Hand. The tactic of the Pink Hand is to contact and threaten the sponsors with boycott if the sponsor does not drop sponsorship. You must understand your enemy and his agenda.

You must tell the sponsors that “you” will boycott them if they do not stand up to the Pink Hand by continuing to support shows Like Opie and Anthony, Nick DePaolo, and yes the conservative shows like Limbaugh, Hannity and Savage.

Just because you might not listen to certain shows you must understand that to defend one show is to defend all shows. It is important that you stand up not only for the show but stand up for the concept of Freedom of Speech.
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