Friday, May 18, 2007

Savage Warns of Immigration Bomb!

Michael Savage has expressed grave concern over the future of America if the yet to be fully understood House immigration bill sent to the Senate passes. Savage is urging a grass roots e-mail campaign from his listeners in order to derail the plan.

It is difficult to believe what is taking place in the beltway. How can any politician believe that such a plan will result in anything other than absolute disaster for the people of this nation?

As the 10 or 11 great grandson of an illegal immigrant, sneaking in on the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock, I can say that it is understandable how people would want to come here in search of a better life, which is simply human nature.

The problem is that unlike past generations of immigrants who sought to become a part of the American fabric, or in the case of ancestors of Snake Oil Sam, actually weaving that fabric, this new invasion is perceived to be seemingly bent on destroying that fabric according to Savage. Savage states that this will turn the United States of America into a third world nation.

Yes, I know that sounds like a bigoted statement but ask yourself, when in past waves of mass immigration did the people arriving seek to change the social fabric to fit their wants and desires? When before did people landing here without official papers demand any sort of rights?

On the other hand, having in the past worked with a number of Mexicans I can say that the majority are good and honest people who work hard. But as it now stands the culture of a bilingual nation can not exist without causing a tremendous amount of animosity. And I believe that is one of the greatest bones of contention in the matter. If it were English speaking Canadians I doubt that we would be as upset.

As I see it the first thing which will have to happen in any type of immigration reform is that those desiring to stay will have to learn the language of this nation, English, and then use it only. The business community is going to have to stop catering to a group who refuses to speak the language. They call it tough love.

I know that when all is said and done that the average person coming here just wants a better life. But when underprivileged people come in droves it cannot be a good thing for the economy. Among things which need to be done is to legitimize the illegal and take legal action against anyone not in full compliance with all of the laws of the land.

The only way to get the situation under control is to document the undocumented. But first the boarder with Mexico must be locked down. Before any talk of amnesty takes place that task must be accomplished. Unless that is done first the rush of illegal immigrants will explode in anticipation of amnesty.

Amnesty cannot be granted unless it is done under the most severe of tests possible. Any record of criminal activity must result in immediate deportation to the country of origin. No person already here should be able to petition the government to bring extended family members not already here on U.S. soil. Anchor baby laws must be changed. The child of an illegal alien is a citizen of the nation of that parent, period!

Citizenship classes must be made a mandatory part of any operational plan. A new generation of Americans is here. Can they be sent away? That is doubtful though not impossible and not necessarily a wise move. But until they stop waving Mexican flags the people of the United States have the right to say go home now!
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