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Scientology Says Snake Oil Sam Got it Right!

When a child is berated and told by just about everyone that he is stupid and useless for much of his childhood it really gets his attention when someone tells him he got it right. A kind word often is worth a lot more than the person saying it realizes. And when being told that you got it right, it really makes the sun shine.

Yes, getting it right is really important, especially in corporate America. God forbid that anyone should place a line in a box that demands a zero. A file cabinet filled with useless paper trail must be in order. We must demand that and there is no good reason why you should not comply with our banal and absolute demand for anal compliance at every level of performance.

As I believe I have all the forms filled out properly for the boss so that he might look good, I am going take a moment, zero’s notwithstanding, to boast a little about my praise of insight. The comments received in an e-mail were related to an article I wrote about the issue of cults and an individual by the name, Rick Ross.

Now I have to admit right up front that the praise was from an individual associated with Scientology which is one of the many groups which Ross lumps into the category of cult. So, even though the gentleman offering the praise might have a personal ax to grind, still it is nice to know that someone appreciated my article.

I’ll accept that all of my vast audience worldwide appreciates my writing style and simply doesn’t find the time to use the e-mail link below to let me know. Just know that I appreciate that you often visit and read. Hopefully I add some degree of perspective to your thinking process.

I asked the writer for permission to reproduce the e-mail and to provide you with his contact information but since I need to get this posted before going to work so that I might write a lot of neat little zero’s I do so sans permission. Since he is in the public eye I suspect that in time he will grant permission anyway.

Since I just received permission I now feel confident that I am not doing a disservice to the person sending the e-mail. So below in yellow hi-lite are, in part, his words.

Dear Sam,

I liked your observations on Rick Ross, the self-styled "cult-buster."

You were right on concerning your observations on Waco. In fact, the involvement of Ricky and his ilk was a major contributor to the fiery death of dozens of men, women and children. Please see an article by Alexander Cockburn, [at this website] and an official report on the situation from a professor who studied the tactics and the results, attached. You'll see you got it completely right.

Actually, Ross's record has hardly been "clean" since his last criminal conviction, as you can see. {Note: See the Cockburn article.}

If I can provide any further documentation, please let me know.

Rev. John Carmichael
Church of Scientology New York
Ph (212) 921-1210

You might want to read the information contained in the article at the links provided by this gentleman. They are the on line version of the original cult buster article and some information provided by Scientology about Mr. Ross from their perspective linked above.

You might also want to read my original article entitled A Cult of My Own which was the article for which I received the accolades of a member of the Church of Scientology. I make no representation to the accuracy of anything on any linked site and do not profess any association with that or any other group.

It is information provide solely for your reading pleasure. And knowledge is so important in a world of hype and spin. Without the free flow of information we are at risk of becoming victims of both an oppressive government and oppressive cult busters who believe that they are the grand inquisitors of belief and truth.

Yes children, freedom of speech is so very important that I am claiming as my new official Snake Oil Sam brand the motto “Freedom of Speech or Death.” That is how very serious the issue of freedom of speech is. So that motto along with my trademark human skull shall soon grace a line of products which I shall begin to market.

So be on notice the brand is mine, the motto is mine. How do you like them little green apple Mr. Trump? As I said previously I am in the process of forming my own cult. I have been doing some research about what direction to take my cult and it is a crowded field.

I want something unique, something which is not already covered by another cult. My problem is that I am jumping into the cult field so late that there are not many avenues open. I fail to see the sense for duplication of cults. Efficiency is a good area and as there is not much efficiency in the world I could go in that direction. I could start a zero cult. There are people out there who really have an affinity for the zero.

I was thinking about demons and volcano’s but I think someone already got that brand. Suicide cults are always good and certainly fit my personality profile but the problem with that idea is that it is a one shot deal.

Then I thought that a suicide cult where you get the followers to blow themselves up would work but then I remembered that the Islamic community already has that market cornered.

Well, I guess that I will just go with the freedom of speech cult since it is already written into the documents of this once great nation. You just can’t go wrong with free speech. It is something close to my heart and I like the idea of promoting free speech in the face of demonic Pink Hand adversity.

So, join the cult. Remember “Free Speech or Death.” A cult is only what you want it to be and just because some little man says that you are a cult don’t make it so. Preach your doctrine and practice your faith in the presence of all men so that they might decide what truth is and what is untruth.

Don’t ever let the psycho analytical pushers of “mothers little helper” warp your ability to see the world clearly. Truth is found in a sunset over a calm sea, not in a prescription of anti depressant.
Snake Oil Sam
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