Saturday, June 30, 2007

IPhone and the Real Deal

Being someone who has not yet fully jumped into the world of high tech communications for reasons such as finance as well as the fear that Satan will be able to control my soul through such a device if I were to purchase one, I found an article by Brett Arends to be quite informative.

After hearing all the hype about this device it is good to see a counterpoint on why this technology is not all that it is being billed as. So rather than blather on about why you should not rush out to buy this device I would simply suggest that you read the thoughts of Arends for yourself.

However if you have already gone and bought the device I would simply suggest that you pay close attention to your daily activities and consider if your behavior is beginning to change for the worse. I still am not convinced that Satan has not cut some sort of deal with Steve Job and Apple.

The best comment in the
Brett Arends article at The Street was this quote “The last time I questioned Apple I was deluged with hate mail from iFanatics. They were full of iRe. This led me to describe Steve Jobs' company as "the world's only publicly traded religion." Doubtless I will get the same response again.”

That comment about Apple being the world’s only publicly traded religion is priceless. It alone makes the article worth reading. His wry use of upper case placement is also a great point of humor. Nice job Brett!

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