Friday, June 22, 2007

Mark Levin Calls Savage a False Prophet

Well, once old Snake gets fixated on a project everything else falls by the wayside. Since I have been working on a super secret project involving hidden agendas, old vendettas and potential harm to the value of the Sam Estate I have been rather busy. But not to busy to make a few disjointed comments.

I will start by telling you Michael that Levin has called you a false prophet and a moron to boot. I don’t understand why these people feed on their own tribe. You need to stand together on the issue of free speech. The people who want to shut you down just love it when you act like name calling children.

We also learned from listening to Sean for the past few days that (a) Tony Snow is a sellout and a political hack and (b) that Trent Lott is a sweet and smooth talking consummate politician. I can’t believe for a minute that Sean bought into that act. Spin like a top Trent, spin like a top.

The country is going to hell on a rocket sled and we are about to renounce the rights held dear by our fathers so that we might unite with a corrupt government in Mexico and a socialist government in Canada all in the name of a united North America.

I write about Trent Lott and his gangster activities, as stated by Michael Savage, and Fox News in D.C. reads it. I guess that even a news gathering and reporting agency such as Fox wants to know what the old false prophet Michael Savage has to say about Trent.

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If and when Fox starts quoting
Snake Oil Sam on Savage then you had all better seek out a fairness doctrine. When they are finished with talk radio they are most certainly going to try to shut down bloggers. But the good news is they can’t!

What was that new blog domain? I think it had something to do with a Russian prefix. It will be located on some far away server next to the internet porn server. But you will still be able to get what I have to say here in the good old U.S.A. just like the way you are now getting the hot Russian teens.

That’s what is so great about the internet, even if it is not sold in one store you can always get it in the shop just across the street or across the planet. Same time, different time zone. Good old speed of light. So much for zoning ordinances.

Sure try and shut me down Hillary. You know, just like they tried to shut down your daddy’s white lightning machine out in the back woods. You just can’t keep a good shiner down.
Freedom of Speech or Death
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