Friday, June 15, 2007

Quest Diagnostics and Lab Corporation Fight is “Good” for Radio Industry!

As the Middle East falls into yet one more of a continuing series of wars with one Islamic group brutally killing off their brothers, members of another Islamic Group, many of us simply wonder where it all shall lead. Is this some grand scheme of the Bush administration? Is it possible that old George has more upstairs than we have all come to believe? Is that gullible and innocent expression on his face just a ruse hiding a devious and sinister political genius?

No, that can’t be. Anyone who fights his own party in order to let half of Mexico into this country can’t be anything more than a seriously deranged mental patient. But in the end it will be the voice of the American people who have the final say. It has something to do with the time-tested concept of “We the People” and a government “Of, By and For The People.”

That concept was the result of war. We as a people are no strangers to war. So as we watch the Middle East we understand that people will fight for what they believe in. But we also at the same time wonder what the end game is. It seems that some people fight simply to fight.

We Americans go out to a ball game or a movie for entertainment. They go out to war. It seems to be a cultural thing as best I can tell. But there are also smaller less important wars in the world. Sometime companies go to war with each other. In reality there are some similarities between the corporate wars and the really big ones involving governments.

The bottom line it seems is money, who has it and who controls it. And one of those little wars that tend not to make the news is the “war” between Quest Diagnostics and Laboratory Corporation of America. It is a war which is quietly being fought in doctor’s offices, legislator’s offices and in the market place of Radio Media.

And like the really big wars which make some people a lot of money this war is no different. According to a report from
The Center For Media Research this war between the two laboratory giants has been very profitable to the Radio Advertising Industry.

And as a side note it seems that some people are using the internet in order to discuss ways in which they might get around the tests performed by this industry for determining if a potential employee is using drugs such as marijuana.

I find it fascinating that there is a segment of society which spends time on the internet discussing ways in which to
fool a laboratory into thinking that a person is drug free. But then again who am I to question how people utilize their time. After all I am a blogger, a person with no life at all.

It does make a person wonder though if the entire concept of drug testing is a legitimate process which can be relied upon. I guess that is something that is the responsibility of that industry to defend. Perhaps if they had a corporate blog they could respond to such a statement as just made by Snake Oil Sam.

I imagine that the standards are as good as the cost of the test permits. Perhaps if a group wanted a more definitive result they would be more than willing to pay more for the test. This might be a good profit center. High Level Drug Screening. Now there is a potential pot of gold.

In my view I fail to see why a company would even do drug screening. After all what someone does on his or her own time is their business and not that of the company. My attitude is that your company obligation ends when the time clock at the exit door is hit.

Whiskey and cold brewski is my business. The company has nothing to say about that. Oh, that’s because Whiskey and brewski is legal you say. Right you are. And so just make smoke legal and you end the problem. But no forget about that, because then you take money out of a profit center. Keep it under tight control. Keep those evil pot heads off the streets.

Anyway, I hope that the legislators have a few minutes to stop taking bribes and get some serious legislation done. I would suggest that you prevent companies like United HealthCare from forcing doctors to utilize a laboratory which they don’t want to use. New Jersey has it right. Perhaps the legislators in New York and other states can learn from their example.

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