Saturday, June 09, 2007

Quest Diagnostics Keeping it Real

One of the things which the executives at Quest Diagnostics are very good at, among other things, is keeping it real. They understand that an important segment of the business they conduct, apart from providing medical information to medical professionals is maintaining the confidentiality of that information. And to be sure they are very serious about that responsibility.

But in addition to protecting that information they are responsible to protect trade secrets as well. That is why they maintain a strict policy of enforcing a non-compete clause with all executive level employees. And when anyone in the company goes south with the intent of securing employment elsewhere, in an effort to make financial gain through that information it is a good bet that they will take legal action against that individual.

Such it seems is the case with a former company Vice President by the name of Kip Vernaglia of California. Now I for one find it hard to believe that anyone who goes by the name Kip could do anything wrong. After all, Kip sounds like such an honest name. But be that as it may, old Kip it seems jumped ship and went with a competitor of Quest Diagnostics, Santa Ana based Westcliff Medical Labs.

My first thought at learning this news was to suggest that Quest Diagnostics just buy out Westcliff and fire the Son of a Bitch! But in any event I am sure that old Kip will be thinking that it might not have been such a good idea to cross Legal.

Kip must be making some pretty good bucks at the new digs since he was paid as a Quest Diagnostics V.P. Regional G.M. something on the order of Two Hundred Large. Wow! So now that we know how much that position pays I wonder what the union troglodytes at the Teterboro Logistics are going to have to say about that?

Something tells me that the rumored rumblings of union clowns are going to try to use this type of information to seed disharmony again. Already the whispers in the night begin.

Perhaps that is why it is reported to me by an insider friend that a guard was posted at the gate house. You just have to do your best to prevent those union goons from getting onto the campus.

Well, as I understand it the realignment at the Teterboro Business unit is going to result in the termination of about forty positions. None of those positions will be reflected in the Logistics Department. As I see it, anti union loyalty resulted in at least a partial payback to those staff members in logistics who proved loyal to the company in the last failed union push.

Quest Diagnostics is loyal to the loyal. I hope that those people understand that because if they do attempt yet another union push Executive leadership might not be as amenable next time. They just might find themselves calling old Kip for a new job. Oh wait, I forgot, Kip is going to jail.

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