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Right Truth! Wrong Plagiarizer

Recently I was reading a blog post at Right Truth when it occurred to me that some of the words which I was reading sounded very familiar. After thinking about it for a moment I realized that was the case because they were in fact my words. They were basically a verbatim quote sans quotation marks of a portion of my article about Dr. Paul Williams.

The article at Right Truth afforded me the opportunity to leave a comment which I did in fact do. The comment was to the effect that the blogger could have had the decency to offer credit to the original writer of the words, a.k.a. me!

I then received an e-mail reply that it had been sent to the blogger in an e-mail and that the individual was not aware that some of the words therein had been sourced elsewhere. Fair enough. It is a good lesson to all that when offering a comment that is not yours you should always indicate at the very least that you are sourcing another individuals work.

The author of Right Truth seems to be an honest person in that they did update the blog to indicate such. And for that I offer the title of this post. I would invite anyone reading this to visit
Right Truth and read what is contained there on both this subject and all other articles.

In regard to the matter of Dr. Paul Williams and his lawsuit with McMaster University in Ontario Canada, it would appear that someone at McMaster is interested in what bloggers are saying about them and about Williams since they have, since I wrote my Williams article, visited the Radio Review blog on several occasions. I suspect that such would prove true of all other blogs naming McMaster University.

Domain Name McMaster.CA ? (Canada)

IP Address 130.113.197.# (McMaster University)
ISP McMaster University
Location Continent : North America
Country : Canada (Facts)

State/Region : Ontario
City : Hamilton
Lat/Long : 43.25, -79.8333 (Map)

In light of the McMaster / Williams’s lawsuit and the Democrat push for a fairness doctrine in the United States of America, as they also are reading our blogs, it raises a number of important and interesting issues. The question becomes “can laws related to freedom of speech and censorship adversely affect the world of the blogger?”

In a comment on that matter of Paul Williams posted at Right Truth a reader, identified as Terry Trippany left this thought:

“It appears that the litigation is based on the fact that his interview was aired on Canadian airwaves. I don't think this could apply to bloggers hosted by American companies on IP blocks assigned to the United States because of that fact but it does emphasize how foreign nations can manipulate the law to their advantage.

From a monetary point of view I don't know if the Canadian government could enforce any judgment on Williams unless he travels back into Canada. Of course Williams has a book and they could seize any assets he has in Canada.

The Canadian government is upset because Williams and some fellow journalists exposed McMaster University for proving unsecured access to a nuclear reactor and research facility on campus. Williams actually walked right into the building, up to the reactor and took pictures without anyone stopping him or the others. In addition it turns out that the facility was being utilized primarily by Muslims from what I heard.

In case anyone was unaware Canada has a pretty big problem with radical Islam itself. Many young Canadian Muslims have been enticed to train in Pakistan and elsewhere so they can join the jihad against America.

Williams was featured in a June 4th NY Post article as the expert who explained the background of nuclear trained terrorist Adnan Gulshair el-Shukrijumah and his relation to the JFK plotters.”

It is unclear if it will be possible for any organization or government to bring legal action based on news written in a blog but one thing is certain. Blogs are clearly a threat to any who would seek to conceal the truth.

Clearly any slanderous or libelous words are subject to tort action but that is nothing new. Anyone who blogs need be careful with what is said and how it is stated. There is always a risk of a legal reaction to what is written on the internet. A nom de plume such as Snake Oil Sam is no protection from legal discovery.

As I have stated in the past it is important to
blog responsibly especially when speaking of the alleged actions of a group or an organization such as McMaster University. Any group wants to protect a good reputation in light of the social, legal and financial consequences of unfair speech.

Blogging is an important right. But so is protecting and maintaining the truth in all things written. Unproven accusations can be more than hurtful. They can have severe consequences to both parties. Always remember that a blog is often nothing more than the opinion of the author.

And as such is the case, it is the responsibility of the reader to consider all sides of any issue when seeking to get to the bottom of the story. Dr. Williams stated at his website that it is his desire that the lawsuit move forward since he now has the powerful tool of the legal process of discovery.
I herein quote those words: "Dr. Williams refuses to be intimidated, and indeed welcomes the lawsuit because this will give him access to all of McMaster's records through the legal process of discovery and he will be able to expose what he believes could well be the nerve center for Osama's "American Hiroshima" project to blow up Ten American Cities with suitcase nukes."
And bloggers will be with him every step of the way. Why? Because that is what we do!

Freedom of Speech or Death
Snake Oil Sam
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An Apology

As a point of information, I had made mention that a portion of an article at
Right Truth was lifted by someone. In the world of media that sometimes happens. When it is done with the intent of claiming authorship it is not a very cool or classy thing to do. But when done as a course of a days work in an honest mistake, then that is a horse of a different color.

That individual has since contacted me in order to offer explanation and apology. I submit to the readership of Snake Oil Sam his comments since it gives me yet one more opportunity to stand up for and publicize the cause of
Dr. Paul Williams.

I thank the gentleman for his kind words about my writings. I ask all reading this to support The Williams Defense Fund.
Dear Snake Oil Sam,
My name is Michael T, I am an investigative journalist with a particular interest in Islam's Jihad against the West. In the course of typical day I am sent, and in turn re-send, many articles taken from Blogs, newspapers, and magazines. When your fine article {Emphasis added} about my friend and co-conspirator Dr. Paul L. Williams came my way, I forwarded it to a select group of friends and troublemakers, Debbie at The Right Truth being one of them.
I make every effort to give credit where credit is due.....and 99% of the time that means Bold hyper links to the original story and, banners if possible. I must admit that on occasion, haste or hangover has allowed me to be negligent and sloppy in the credit-hyper link department, perhaps this happened with your article......I really cannot remember as I am still knackered, hung over, and jet-lagged from my recent tour of our nation's mosques and terror-training compounds. In any event, I apologize if it was my fault for passing on your article without proper credits. Your articles about Paul, the Jihad, and Jihad U (McMaster) are very much appreciated.
All the best (kol tuv)
Michael T.
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