Saturday, June 16, 2007

Savage Calls Trent Lott Gangster!

Outraged by comments made by Trent Lott, Michael Savage wants an apology from Lott or he will ask his audience to contact the F.B.I. and demand that they investigate the Senator for making what Savage perceives to be a threat of personal bodily injury. Savage demands to know if Lott made a threat against conservative talk show hosts.

For the record, Lott was recorded, apparently without his knowledge, saying that “talk radio is running America; we have to {deal} with that problem.”

At the same time Mark Levin has expressed great dissatisfaction with the man, Lott. The people who Lott now is attacking stood behind the Senator when he was in need of support. Levin is disgusted with Trent Lott.

Trent Lott must explain himself to the people. Trent Lott is clearly a disgrace. Has the Republican Party officially abandoned the base of the party? Do they understand that without a foundation the idol falls?

The Republican Party would do well to heed the words of a great philosopher, Snake Oil Sam, who once wrote the following words of admonition, “If one were to come to a conclusion on an issue, basing that conclusion upon flawed opinion, then such conclusion is mathematically and strategically defective, suspect and likely the event horizon of a grievous and possibly fatal error.”

The only way to deal with the current problem facing America is to do exactly what Professor Savage preaches, “Fight the Mandarins!”

Freedom of Speech or Death
Snake Oil Sam
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