Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Savage Coughs Up Five Large for Dr. Williams

Paul Williams is a man who has suddenly garnished national media attention. But to listeners of Michael Savage the man Paul Williams is no stranger. He is someone who has appeared on Savages’ national radio broadcast on numerous occasions. Often what he has had to report on the security, or lack thereof from terrorist threats has been “disturbing” at best.

Until recently Williams has been viewed by the mainstream press as a fringe individual. Perhaps now he is being seen more as an authority on matters of national security. Perhaps he is now being seen as someone to whom the people should be giving much more attention.

But Williams is not without problems. It seems that he is being sued by Canada’s McMaster University for things which he said about McMaster and Islam in a radio interview with a Canadian radio station.

Apparently it is against the law in Canada to express an opinion, critical facts, about a subject when Canadian law expressly forbids such. The amazing thing is that when interviewed, Dr. Williams, an American citizen was speaking from the confines of his home located on sovereign American soil.

According to Williams comment to Savage the legal action has already nearly financially ruined him. Is this the cost of fighting worldwide terrorism? Is this the cost of fighting to keep America and the rest of the free world safe? For this reason Michael Savage, outraged by this event has called upon all to support Williams.

Not being one who simply talks, Savage immediately pledged $5000.00 of his personal wealth to the Paul Williams legal defense fund. Soon thereafter he reported that a family member, [read his son, inventor and founder of Rock Star Energy Drink,] pledged an additional $10,000.00 to the fund.

If you want to learn more about Dr. Williams and the legal defense fund you can go to the
Paul Williams Defense Fund Website and read what is behind the issues. This is an important website about important issues. I encourage you to click the link and read all the information contained. Please support Dr. Williams. His fight is the fight of all good people.

Freedom of Speech or Death
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