Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bob Grant Returns to W.A.B.C. New York

Even though a ton of traffic has been visiting this blog lately due to my comments about Quest Diagnostics, a possible labor union and possible leveraged buyout, I simply must talk about one of the greatest personalities ever in radio, Mr. Bob Grant.

Apparently he is filling in for a regular evening host on W.A.B.C. and it is a joy to everyone hearing the voice of the master. Grant is one of the pioneers of the industry. It was Grant who taught smart little boys like Sean Hannity how to do radio when they grew up.

Yes it was Bob Grant who influenced Sean Hannity. He will be the first to admit that. And it was Snake Oil Sam who wrote a letter to the then 77 W.A.B.C. program director, John Mainelli praising Hannity, then a local and little known radio air talent.

In that letter to Mainelli I made the proposition that Sean was effectively up there shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Grey, Mr. Bob Grant and the Big Guy a.k.a. Limbaugh. Because of that letter of mine to Mainelli Sean got his big shot at national fame. The rest is history.

Yes, it was some two hundred and forty three months ago that I first became addicted to talk radio. That is a lot of words ago. And I have loved just about every minute of it. To hear Bob Grant back at the old homestead is heaven on earth.

The great thing about talk radio is that no matter how much you love someone there is always opportunity to disagree. And even though I am praising Grant I have to disagree with one of his comments.

He stated that having been in the industry long before the others, [current radio gods] had traveled down the pike that he; Grant had to deal with a fairness doctrine. But what Grant fails to recognize is that unlike the old fairness doctrine, and the then perceived goal, the new doctrine is not designed for any degree of fairness, it is designed to silence and shut down conservative talk radio.

Now I just know that if Bob were hearing me say this on his talk show he would let me have my say and then politely thank me for the call. Then he would in all likelihood say “Get off My Phone!”

Addendum: Oh how I long for the day.

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