Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Financial Picture Looking Rosy for Quest Diagnostics

Just when you think that things aren’t going so good for Quest Diagnostics you start seeing things reported on the internet that make you think that perhaps business as usual is not far off for this titan.

Of course on the other hand the folks at Teamsters local 97 are just as excited about this company doing well. It is something which will give them more bargaining chips if and when such an event takes place.

Of course it can be argued by the legal staff at Quest Diagnostics that this was done without the help of any union and that they would just be in the way of any such future gains.

Actually I think that they simply want the employees to have a little bigger piece of the pie and executive a little smaller piece. So who’s right and who’s wrong? Who knows? But there are as I said a number of reports out that report to the satisfaction of some that the company is doing well in the profitability field.

You have likely already seen this information, but if not and you want to start your day with a smile you can read what is reported at
ABC Money a Brit site it would seem. Of course the company might be a little concerned about the illegal use of its brand on this page.

That is why I don’t do stuff like that. I wouldn’t want to give the folks in legal any legitimate reason to pull the trigger. Then after reading that good news if you still want more information you can click on this link and read about the
Teamsters at U.P.S. and what they are attempting to do. I’ll let you decide what to think about this issue. I guess that it can be spun in a number of directions.

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Addendum: Go figure? The company’s profits are up and yet the value fell. One thing to be sure, you just can’t predict how the stock market will react to anything. There is even at least one company which I was looking at recently which was conceived and developed simply to wade through all the muck and mire of the world of blogging simply to inform its clientele what is important information and what is unimportant information.

Hopefully after looking at what this blog has to say about Quest Diagnostics it listed me as a blog with valuable information. But I fear that I am listed on the page of Muck and Mire. I wonder if it is more muck than mire?

Anyway, here is a link to see what the market is doing to diagnostic testing companies lately. It is a cruel world!

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