Thursday, July 19, 2007

Legal Defense Disclaimer: The Devil Made Me Do It!

In an effort to bring about six degrees of separation for a reason of legal defense in all matters discussed and published here at the blog “Snake Oil Sam’s Radio Review” and in consideration that old Snake can’t afford a good legal beagle for purpose of any future defense I thought it important to place within this blog a legal defense disclaimer.

This disclaimer shall be considered to be retroactive to any articles and comments made prior to the publication of this statement. This legal notice shall not in any way be deemed to be the only legal recourse available for defense but should be considered to be the first line of defense. It should suffice to remove any burden of further defense.

Any act of omission or co-mission damage caused by this blog to any individual, group or corporate entity whether it holds any sort of employment relationship with Snake Oil Sam or the individual behind the nom de plume or any other nom de plume now used or to be used in the future or not shall render the aforementioned Snake Oil Sam harmless.

This disclaimer shall be understood to apply to all media including print, voice, video, broadcast, podcast, internet published and linked articles in any format and technology now known to exist or yet to be discovered.

It is applicable in all nations now known or yet to be formed and applies on all continents of Earth and anywhere within the universe both known and unknown. It is also applicable to any inter dimensional species and time travelers.

Herewith any court considering any legal tort action against Snake Oil Sam or the person hiding behind the nom de plume shall first in addition to constitutional law of the United States of America consider the extenuating circumstances and defense which is “The Devil Made Me Do It!” a.k.a. the Flip Wilson Defense.

In addition to such legal defense the author Snake Oil Sam appeals to all relevant courts of The United States of America up to and including The Supreme Court, the good offices of the Queen of England, The World Court, The Hague, United Nations General Council and Council for World Peace, His Holiness Pope Benedict 16, Jewish Defense League, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, G.L.B.T. council and also the legal representatives of Teamsters Local 97.

Revisions, additions, deletions and substitutions to this disclaimer may be made by me at any time without prior written or published notice. Anything left out of this disclaimer which if found by any legal review committee or judge which would have been the cause of a finding in favor of Snake Oil Sam shall be understood to be automatically and retroactively included in this disclaimer.

God Save the Queen! God Bless President George W. Bush!!

Freedom of Speech or Death
Snake Oil Sam
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