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Quest Diagnostics and an Issue of Accuracy

Quest Diagnostics is a company which prides itself on accuracy. Without accuracy in testing results the company has nothing with which to lift itself above the crowd of competition. It is Quest Diagnostics reputation for accuracy which creates a market of medical professionals who contribute to the continued success of the company.

Accuracy is not only a requirement of the company for those who perform the work; it is on the level of a philosophy of the management team of Quest Diagnostics. So when anyone does anything at Quest Diagnostics it is always done with accuracy in view. It is an ever present mantra. Accuracy is something which requires constant monitoring.

When an inaccuracy is discovered it must be corrected in order to avoid any damage to that reputation of a company known for accuracy. If one single aspect of the company is not accurate then people might begin to question if they can continue to rely on the company for accuracy in other areas such as the results of medical tests which are relied upon for the health of people.

Having said that it is important to point out that contained in a paper handed out to members of the logistics staff, in an effort to convince them that a union is not in their best interest, there were several highly inaccurate statements.

Since the inaccuracies were so very prominent and since the entire paper was predicated upon those inaccurate statements the entire paper proved to be a laughable failure at an attempt to dissuade the staff from voting yes to a union, something which appears to be headed toward reality.

In regard to this article it is not important to ask why the company is opposed to a union effort. The only thing which is important in the matter is the simple question, is the company producing inaccurate information in the effort?

Since the company, as has been my past experience, requires that such information be identified when published as to who authored the paper and since no such signature is assigned to the paper, it is immediately at fault.

It offers nothing more than the blind mark of propaganda. Any paper which is unsigned should be assigned without a fair reading to the realm of trash. Relegated to what my second grade teacher Mrs. Healy referred to the round file.

But since I did read this propaganda and since it was handed to me by management of the company I can only conclude that it was in fact management which produced this piece of anti union propaganda. How high up the ladder of management is goes I have no idea.

But my way of looking at things as “the buck stops here” would require that anything of question distributed directly by management go straight to the office of the C.E.O. Surya Mohapatra and filter its way down. Let me say here and now that I don’t believe for a moment that Surya Mohapatra had anything at all to do with the production of this propaganda.

But since all things related to accuracy reflect on the entire company in one way or other, then he and the entire leadership team should be concerned about such inaccurate propaganda.

Having said that let me set the record straight about the inaccurate statements. It was stated in the propaganda that the writer of the propaganda was “told” that Quest Diagnostics employees were told by Teamsters to “keep quite” when asking questions about the union.

The fact is that no such statement was made to any Quest Diagnostics employee present that day by any representative of Teamsters local 97. And since the company prides itself with accuracy then they should not be publishing things on hearsay.

However it is my opinion that it is not a matter of hearsay, but in fact a matter of creative propaganda designed to fit the theme of the propaganda, titled “The Teamsters Idea of Education.”

The second inaccuracy was the statement “We heard the union said they could get you a big raise.” Again I must state for the record that no such public statement to the group was made by any representative of Teamsters Local 97.

If the company would name the imaginary individual who made these inaccurate statements, I am certain that certain individuals who are pushing the union forward would be more than happy to sit down with both management and that imaginary individual and set the record straight.

Perhaps there really was someone who did in fact state those things to management. It is possible that the individual went to the wrong meeting room and thought that he was at the union meeting when in fact he was actually across the hall at the meeting of N.A.M.B.L.A. the North American Man Boy Love Association.

I don’t know but I do know that he didn’t hear those things said at the meeting of Quest Diagnostics employees and Teamsters Local 97.

As a matter of fact it was mentioned by a union representative that the logistics staff should not even be looking for that sort of monetary result at this point in time. What was made clear by a union representative and more specifically by several members of the logistics staff who are spearheading this effort is that the primary goal and objective of a union is to gain “respect.” Respect! What part of the word “respect” don’t you understand?

I make no representations as to my own belief as to the need for such a union or any lack of respect, but am compelled by dedication to the company in a desire to protect and preserve the philosophy of “accuracy” to make comment on this important subject.

It is important that all understand that writing propaganda, or snake oil, as I like to call it should not be attempted by a novice. It should be left to the stunt propagandist to write anti union propaganda. Propaganda in the wrong hands can get people hurt.

Remember. Never play with matches and never play with propaganda. Scotty to Captain Kirk. Beam me up captain.

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