Thursday, July 26, 2007

Quest Diagnostics on Track

Indeed it seems that the executives at Quest Diagnostics are entitled to “Take a Bow” for the Herculean effort which they have been credited with from the good people on Wall Street. In what seems like a very short timeframe they have managed to trim fat and manage the business in accordance with the demands of both business operation and marketplace.

Of course what is good for the company is good for the employees of the company. Or at least those portions of the company which managed to avoid the
Sword of Damocles’. Since it is reported that Quest still intends to trim about an additional $500 million over the next two years, as reported by Forbes, that might just be a little bit of a concern as to what that means in terms of jobs.

No one has said on the record just how that savings is going to happen. Quest Diagnostics like all good companies tend to play their cards close to the vest. That is an issue which should be of concern for anyone contemplating a union. Read that statement how you will.

You can read the article yourself at the
Forbes Website. There is also another article of interest related to a contract which assures that Quest Diagnostics will be able to provide top notch results as their reputation in the industry dictates.

I recommend this article off the PRNewswire for your reading at the
CNN Money website. It is about the Digene Corp. contract which is an extension of the current contract. It seems that things are really going along swimmingly for Quest Diagnostics. Congratulations to Surya Mohapatra everyone involved in the fine work being done for everyone on the Street.

Now on another topic while I am in the mood to offer congratulations I would like to commend the fine job being done by the Snake Oil Sam Quest Diagnostics Reading Circle. You guys are the best. I see that a nice little group of you managed to arrange your schedule to log on in a close knit little group. It’s nice to know that I am so loved.

But I have to say that the selection of reading material was a little on the light side. Legal on the other hand kicked back and read twenty six pages in just over a half hour. I wish that I could read that fast. Education shows!

Well, check in next time to see what is new with old Snake.

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