Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Who Cares What Old Snake Says?

The question is who cares what old Snake says? Does it make any difference to anyone what I have to say? Does anyone even really read this stuff? Well, I often ask myself such questions. And sometimes the answer is something which makes me feel pretty good about life in general.

But there is a far more important reason to be doing what I do than to simply feel good about life. The importance about the legal ability to blog about anything in this world is something which should be self evident. It is not just about the situation between a company and a labor union. It is not just about the stock markets.

No! It is far more important than that. It is about the fact that freedom of speech cannot ever be permitted to be trod upon. One of the worst things that can happen to free men is that any should attempt to take away that God granted right of free men.

Just so that there is no confusion let it be understood that Snake Oil Sam places high value on that rights of free men. So when lawyers and governmental agencies and branches of government visit this blog and read what I have to say I am grateful.

And since the legal department at Quest Diagnostics has been spending hours lately reading just about everything on the blog I thought that it would be a good idea to say just a few words about the importance of free speech in the United States of America.

When I see that the United States House of Representatives is interested in what I have written on the subject of Quest Diagnostics and labor unions it seems appropriate to say a few words on the subject of freedom of speech. Perhaps you agree.

Yes, I am grateful for the fact that I have in some way managed to say something which has caught their attention. It is not important whether or not they like what I say or agree with what I say. The only thing which matters is that they recognize that I have the freedom to say the things which I say.

And when you get to the bottom line of the Serpents contract you begin to understand that no law is higher than the law set in place by the Creator of all mankind. No contract can separate man from God or God from man. No contract! A free man is free and a law unto himself.

So I can say that I am proud of all the people who read what I say here on this blog. Great and small, it is truth, all men are free. Free to write words. Free to read words. Free to hold an opinion. Free to express an opinion. Free to vote his or her conscience on all matters without regard to the aftermath or what others have to say.

Though all men be liars, let God be found true!

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Freedom of Speech or Death
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