Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Playing Chess on the Train of Pain

Some days I wonder why I think that people really care what I have to say. It isn’t like I have some great insight into the minds and hearts of others. But I often wonder what makes people act the way that they act. It seems that often life is a game of one-upmanship in which the person with the larger ego wins. Ergo, there is never a winner for ego has no limit.

Sometimes people use their position of importance to lord it over others. They believe that because they are perhaps better educated or perhaps possess more physical beauty or drive a nicer car, that they are entitled to be treated better than others. Perhaps they think that they are entitled to more than one parking space.

It might be that they think that others should hold the door for them to walk through as though a queen were entering the building. But what of the ripple effect on the community? Is it possible that the actions of a few colliding in a magnificent perfect storm might well harm the entire community?

Is it reasonable to ask that those who hold authority use great restraint in order to prevent what might result in harm to the entire community? I speak in terms in which only those who play the game fully comprehend the things of which I speak.

I often find myself speaking in terms of enigma machine politics when it is clear that there is no other way to safely say what I want so very much to say. I often speak in terms of music and titles of historic note.

Maybe it is because I am so lost in a cloud of emotion in an attempt to remain loyal to brotherhood and at the same time being loyal to community, God and Country that I speak in such illusive terms.

Truth is proven in my compass as it points true north. But what of the truth which is to be found in the other 359 degrees? I cannot simply discount them. I cannot discount the brotherhood. How can I turn away from brotherhood? How do I justify the response to a wrong with something as equally wrong?

Sometimes the best way to state something is to do so in hypothetical terms. And since I am already being as cryptic as I can be I will make my case in this way. And for the benefit of the entire community I can only hope that those who are able to read between the lines are intelligent enough to absorb what is important and see through the veil.

For what is man but an animal, yes an animal which sometimes acts more as animal than man. Yet he who is truly blessed is the man who is able to act in a humble manner and find that a word when mild turns away rage.

What if someone did something which was rude and inconsiderate? Would the Man of God react in a way in which pain would be inflicted upon the entire community? Would it not be better to allow the wrongdoer to be forgiven with a simple chastisement?

Is it the fear that such an act of mercy would be perceived as a weakness that prevents the Man of God from being merciful? And what if that person were to face execution for the wrongful and shameful act?

Would not the brothers of that executed man demand blood? And rightly so! Would they not make a case before a judge that the man of God has in the past acted in mercy toward others who have been guilty of far worse crimes? For indeed such is the case.

Yes there are examples of threats of physical violence and perhaps even physical violence which have been forgiven. Yes, actions which resulted in only a few strokes of the lash as justifiable punishment.

Would not a judge conclude that someone who has been executed has in fact been executed for speaking out in favor of the brotherhood? Would the judge conclude that his law has been violated and that in payment of the shed blood then the brotherhood should be firmly and legally established within the community?

But even before such a thing were to occur what might transpire on the train of pain? Is it something which the Man of God is willing to deal with? I hear music and words of bygone days. I hear sounds of San Francisco, the sounds of a free generation, a generation of love. But can I trust the words of the melody. Can I trust that day? I can’t trust that day.

Pray the Man of God should display great wisdom. All is fair in love and war.

Freedom of Speech or Death
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