Monday, August 13, 2007

Under a Battle Flag! The Fog of War!

Since Union activity at the Quest Diagnostics Teterboro Business Unit is likely to ramp up very soon and since Snake Oil Sam’s Radio review was never intended to become a soap box for any agenda other than my own, I believe that some changes are needed.

So even though I will likely still be making personal comments about that company and its current set of circumstances here from time to time I believe that the union issue is so complex and about to explode that I have created a special blog dedicated to issues of the brotherhood.

So you might want to go to
Quest Teamsters 97 if you want to read what is blowing in the wind. It will likely get bold, brash and in your face. I make this site available to the brothers so that they can have their say on a true cyber soap box.

It will allow them to take it to the street. That is of course the place where such speech belongs. The only way to speak about the issues is right out in front of the company store. So let the light of truth shine down.

Unlike my policy of permitting all sides to be spoken at Snake Oil Sam, this blog is exclusive to the postings of the brotherhood, although all are welcome to read.

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