Friday, August 10, 2007

What The Union Objective Is!

After learning of and reading the English translation of the letter written by an anonymous member of the Filipino community of the Quest Diagnostics Teterboro Business Unit I felt compelled to write this open letter even though I have in the past stated that I intend to take no public position on the union issue.

I am disturbed to read that the anonymous writer of the aforementioned letter, allegedly a supporter of the unionization effort, feels, as indicated by his wording that the intent of unionization is to fight against the company which we all work for.

Allow me to set the record straight. Quest Diagnostics is without question a great and dynamic company which I am and I hope you also are proud to work for. The purpose of forming a labor union is simply a way in which the employees can manage to gain a small amount of leverage when it is believed by a consensus of the group that such is needed in order to protect our interests.

It is not the intent of the union to become some sort of bully which will demand everything of the company and expect to provide nothing in return. Unionization will, if anything, compel you to work to the very best level of performance which is possible at all times. That is in fact a part of the negotiation process.

It is the intent of a union to benefit each party since without such an outlook and philosophy there is no way in which a union can benefit you. Becoming a union member gives you some control over the things you will be required to do, but at the same time it places burdens upon you which the company currently might choose to allow to slide.

In the past I have spoken out against unionization as you likely know. At this time I am no longer opposed to such an action since the company itself has clearly changed due in large part to market conditions.

Because of these market conditions the company will likely make many decisions, made by heartless hatchet men, whose job it is to contain costs without any thought of the people doing the job. It is done without malice and without compassion. That is simply the nature of the beast!

For this reason I believe that the time is right for the organizing of a Brotherhood. This will be accomplished under the guidance and legal oversight of Teamsters Local 97 International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

This action will hopefully provide some degree of insulation against the future actions of any management decision which might result in unfair and potentially damaging policies which we currently have no ability to leverage.

Brotherhood, a basic human right! Remember, with a union comes responsibility to produce results which benefit the three sides of the triangle of brotherhood. Those three sides are Management, Local, and Labor.

Unless you fully understand and accept this concept there is no benefit to unionization. By expressing such “everything for me” mentality that anonymous letter writer becomes a deficit to all of us. A union is a layer of bureaucratic law. It is not a get out of jail free card. You play you pay.

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