Friday, August 24, 2007

You Cannot Understand Me

When someone has always been there for you and then you suddenly turn one hundred and eighty degrees and walk in the opposite direction what must people be thinking? I can imagine words like rat fink or traitor hardly suffice to capture the emotion. But are they truly deserved sentiments?

I suppose that if you are sitting in a fine hotel room at Courtyard By Marriot Baltimore and spending the companies’ money just reading this blog, it is pretty easy to look at life and be content. But when you have to think about the future from my vantage point perhaps then you might understand.

While you are sitting at a fine table in a restaurant do you think about things like death threats? I can’t imagine that you would, but I have been thinking about little else. So, I hope that your visit to Baltimore is a pleasant and safe one. It is a beautiful city after all.

The Inner Harbor is wonderful. So, enjoy your stay. Sleep well my friend. Sleep with the knowledge that what others do keeps you living in comfort. Let the man who labors be paid for his labor.

We all labor for the same cause. We all deserve to enjoy some of the fruit of that labor. I suggested that you cannot understand me. Perhaps you can. So be well friend.

Freedom of Speech or Death
Snake Oil Sam
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