Sunday, September 30, 2007

Traffic Jam Epiphany

Since I have been so busy with other matters lately, I have been neglectful of this blog to my ultimate shame. Now, since the other issue has been completely resolved, or has it, I can once again dedicate myself to what it is I actually enjoy doing, which is writing for the pleasure of writing as well as for your entertainment.

Now don’t think for even a moment that I didn’t enjoy writing every single word which I dedicated my time to writing in recent weeks. But that was done for the most part out of a need to rally the troops in loyalty. Sadly some of those troops don’t understand the word loyalty.

But that is something for yet another blog. This is more about how I feel at the moment. And that of course, if you are keeping score, is related to the subject of disloyalty of the aforementioned troops which is as stated the fodder for another blog at some future date.

The only significant result of that writing was to give the administration of Quest Diagnostics, legal, human resources and possibly the company psychologist something to do with their time which was considerable according to my tracking software.

But when you spend something on the order of half a million dollars of DXG Stock Investor money on Union Busting Satanic Carpet Bagger Whores, I ask you, what is a few dozen hours at a computer terminal, at non union executive rate pay reading virtually everything which I have ever posted.

In reality, the money which you just screwed us out of can be used to subsidize that unbudgeted expense. Actually now that I think about it I would imagine that corporate would budget for such a thing. And with good reason you might want to calculate the next drive.

Hello Carpet Baggers, this is Quest Diagnostics, we have another situation.

Please don’t think that I am complaining about you reading my writing because I am not. I truly appreciate that you think enough of what I have to say to a worldwide audience that you would take time out of your day to tune in to this blog or any other blog I post on.

But this is a blog about getting back to the world as I have become accustomed to it being and clearly remaining for some time to come. So let me offer for your reading entertainment something which I composed in the attic of my skull while doing the job which by the way, for the moment, is still a non union job.

I present to you what is now a very appropriate article for me at this time. I hope that it makes you laugh. Even if it doesn’t make you laugh it might give you just a little bit of insight into the soul of the person you just burned. It is the soul of someone who lives with a totally fractured multiple personality issue brought about by years of emotional and psychological child rape.

The article is the result of the thought patterns of the child who stood upon the pedestrian overpass which at twelve years of age he would often visit in contemplation of his life and exactly how and when it would end. It is the writing of the same person who now drives under that overpass each day of the week in his now still non union job.

I here offer you an old writing titled “Traffic Jam Epiphany.”

Recently I found myself in my typical routine of being stuck in a late afternoon traffic jam. At the precise moment that I reached my level 4 aggravation mode, the “I can’t take much more of this, can it get any worse” mode, it got worse. Blaring from the six speaker stereo system emanated the dreadfully happy sound of the Starland Vocal Band singing their big 70’s hit “Afternoon Delight.”

On a good day “Afternoon Delight” is certainly no delight. Actually an afternoon delight is just fine with me, but as it relates to the song, no thanks. Considering at that moment my view was the back of an inter-modal tractor trailer bringing yet one more load of Red Chinese, slave labor manufactured, American economy destroying, goods for the penny wise pound foolish American consumer, my afternoon delight level was just a little south of “delightful.”

It was at about this moment in time that my “traffic jam epiphany” occurred. As if a bright light from above shown down upon me, I understood what few dare think about until that special moment arises. I considered the notion, what the common man really needs is a guide. No, I am not talking about a map of New Jersey’s highways and byways. What he needs is a guide to writing a good suicide note.

After all, when you reach the end of your rope you don’t want to go out leaving loved ones and bill collectors wondering what went so terribly wrong in your pathetic life. When the State Police pull you from the wreckage “Afternoon Delight” will no longer be playing and they might not understand the circumstances surrounding your demise.

In order to expedite their investigation you might have had the consideration in your final moments to scrawl on a piece of scrap paper the words “Starland Vocal Band.”

At the very least by such action you will have bequeathed to the State’s overburdened tax payers the expense of a lengthy police investigation. Yours will, after all, not have been the first Starland Vocal Band induced suicide. They will simply chalk off your demise as a self induced death related to incredibly annoying music. Case closed.

My epiphany revealed to me that when people are planning to “check out” they have more important things to think about than composing a good suicide note. Considering you are saying goodbye to the world a suicide note is something which should not be written in haste. Advance planning is important but who has the time?

A good suicide note should reflect the person who you were. It should paint you in a good light. It should not be something which gives people the impression that you were simply one of life’s many regrettable losers.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone skilled at writing, produce suicide notes for all occasions? All the individual would have to do is select the note from the appropriate category i.e. bad marriage, financial problems, health issues or any of the myriad other ostensibly good reasons for ending it all.

Visiting a trendy card shop I noted that popular greeting card companies make great cards for many occasions. But I have never been able to find a really well written suicide card. The thought occurred that this is a clearly under represented market. Someone with the right financial backing could do very well in such a venture.

Perhaps one of the better known and well established card brands might, in view of current lack of market share in suicide cards, consider developing this under represented segment of the marketplace of specialty cards. It is such a good market that I might consider getting into the field myself. I think that it would work well with the concept of the book of advance suicide notes.

Another area which might do well is the suicide note gift book. It would out of necessity be a specialty order item which would have the recipients name pre printed on the individual notes. People pay a premium for such custom products. I remember how excited I was when my mom gave me a box of pencils with my name embossed when I was in the third grade. It is a fact that people appreciate a gift with their name on it.

You will be the person whom they remember when they think about their many friends. It will give you the chance to show your thoughtfulness by having their name printed ahead of time saving them the trouble. It would also serve as a good way to suggest that you wish that they would “off” them self. It is a real win, win situation.

All of this conceptualization is the result of the broadcast of one song. Perhaps I will do a google search to locate the person who wrote that song so that I might send along one of the first copies of the book of advance written and pre signed suicide notes for all occasions.

Now, what shall I name the book? Suicide Notes For The Busy Businessman? Witty Ways To Say Goodbye? Short Notes For Short Ropes? Saying Goodbye Made Easy? Love Means Never Having To Write A Suicide Note? Well, I’ll come up with something. Right now I have to write a suicide note. No, not mine silly, but maybe yours.

Keep an eye out for the book. I don’t know when I’ll get it done. It’s not like I have to kill myself over the book. Suicide notes are far too important to rush. Those final words need to be just right. Writing a suicide note for someone else is very serious business.

I wonder if I can take this public. How does one start an I.P.O. for death? What stock exchange shall I list it on? Maybe I can go international with this. After all, suicide is a big market. With all of the problems in the world it might even be a growth industry.

Remember, death is absolute it is not like golf, there is no mulligan. Think about it before you pull the trigger. It really isn’t all that bad. Your problem likely is nothing that a good blast of Scotch Whiskey can’t fix.

If though, you are intent on doing the deed, at least wait until I get the book into production. That way I can make a fast buck off of your departure to points unknown. So, until we meet again have a good life or at the very least a convenient death.

Freedom of Speech or Death
Snake Oil Sam
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Monday, September 17, 2007

Gary Cangemi Issues Clarification

Regarding my statement concerning Paul L. Williams, that he is “laughing all the way to the bank,” I have been asked by Mr. Williams’ attorney to clarify my meaning before the public so as to dispel any notion that I was suggesting that Mr. Williams or his attorneys intended to use the Paul L. Williams Defense Fund for anything other than his legal defense of the McMaster University lawsuit. According to the Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms, “if someone is laughing all the way to the bank, they have made a lot of money very easily, often because someone else has been stupid.” Nothing in this phrase implies that the money one is taking to the bank was acquired fraudulently, or that the person who acquired it intends to misuse it, nor was it my intent that any such notion be construed from my statement. While I have no reason to doubt that Mr. Williams and his attorneys will be using every cent of this money in his defense, my only intent was to express my personal opinion, based on my past experiences with the man, that Paul L. Williams has very little respect for the intelligence of the public whose money he will all too willingly accept to fund his legal defense. I do, however, apologize to Mr. Williams’ attorneys for any perceived suggestion that these funds were inappropriately administered. Such was not my intent.
Gary Cangemi

Cangemi Article
Williams Article
Paul Williams Defense Fund

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dr. Paul Williams in His Own Words

When publishing the words of others you sometimes find that you open doors which might better have been left closed. This is especially true in matters where things can be seen as a matter of personal opinion. It is especially true when the person being on the receiving end of the comments is someone who has daily held himself out in the public eye as a champion of truth.

In such instances when reputation is all that a person has, especially when that person is facing daily legal attacks because of his stance against the evils of terrorism against America, it might not have been a wise course of action to publish anything which calls into question that reputation.

So, since that has already taken place due to circumstance of a belief in Freedom of Speech it is incumbent that Dr. Williams be afforded every opportunity to speak in his own words in response to the Gary Cangemi statements.

I will leave it up to the reader to accept the words of both gentlemen and discern exactly what the truth is. If you consider the personal accomplishments of Dr. Williams in his own words I think that you will be hard pressed to doubt his past actions.

I make no judgment of either fellow and even though I respect the right of Cangemi to have had his voice in the subject of the public personality known as Dr. Paul Williams, I state for the record in no uncertain terms that I remain both fan and friend of Paul Williams.

Gary Cangemi has stated to me that what he has now stated on public record is all true and he can and is willing to back up his own words in a court of public law. That as far as I am concerned is as far as I am willing to go in defense of Freedom of Speech. Cangemi has had his voice heard.

Any further discussion between Cangemi and Williams on the matter can be taken up between them in that public venue. I pledge that I will still continue to cover the story of Paul Williams as he continues to stand up for America.

Having said the above words, I forthwith offer you the words of a man who not only defends the security of Americans every day with much passion but now defends his own reputation and integrity.

In His Own Defense
Written by Dr. Paul Williams

Snake Oil Sam:

I wish you had contacted me before posting the malicious allegations by Gary Cangemi. To get to the truth of the matter, please call Cangemi and ask him who owned and operated THE METRO (yours truly), who put up every dime for its publication (me), who edited the paper and penned most of the copy (me). Please ask him about his duties at The Metro.

He was a cartoonist for which he was well paid. Ask him if I ever cheated him out of a dollar. Ask him what he paid for the stock in THE METRO (nothing, I gave him five shares as a gift). Ask him if I was responsible for laundering money through The Metro for the mob (I want him to be straight-forward so that I can sue him).

Ask him when these alleged events took place (in 1993 - - more than 14 years ago). Ask him about my reputation as a journalist (I was the only journalist to capture three first-place Keystone Press Awards in three different categories in the same year - 1993). Ask him about the reputation of The Metro under my tenure (it was named one of the best newspapers in the state for editorial content by The Pennsylvania Association of Newspaper Publishers).

Ask him if he appeared on talk shows in Northeastern Pennsylvania to say that I sold The Metro to Louis DeNaples, a landfill owner with alleged ties to the Mafia (an allegation that is ridiculous). Ask him what he knows about my affiliation with the FBI (I served the bureau on a regular basis between 1995 - 2001 and was responsible for placing Mafia thugs in the slammer. During this time, I had no contact with Cangemi).

Ask him about his own training in journalism. Ask him what financial investment he or Larry Sparano made in any enterprise of mine (none). Ask him what he knows about my background and training as an editor (Before establishing The Metro with my own means, I served as the senior editor for Northeast Books, the publishing arm of The Fellowship of Catholic Scholars).

Ask him about the journalistic expertise of Paul Ferrario, the writer I edited (Ferrario is a barber in Carbondale with no training whatsoever in journalism). Ask him for the basis of his statement that I am "laughing all the way to the bank" with funds from the defense account. Call Cangemi at [Number Redacted.] It will be easy for you to uncover the truth. When you accomplish this, please remove the inflammatory statements regarding my character from your blog. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.

Ed: If you believe in the cause of Paul Williams and wish to support him you can do that by going to the
Paul Williams Legal Defense Fund website and making a contribution.

Freedom of Speech or Death
Snake Oil Sam
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Monday, September 10, 2007

What is the truth about Paul Williams?

A name which has gained considerable national recognition due in large part to the Michael Savage program is that of Paul Williams. Williams is someone who, when appearing as a guest on The Savage Nation, a nationally syndicated radio broadcast, has attracted great interest.

Indeed Williams with the publicity provided by Savage has gained much praise and admiration from many. Included among those admirers I list myself. So, when I open an e-mail and read something which asks if I know who the real Paul Williams is, I simply find myself looking for the old investigatory writer’s hat.

So, having dusted off the hat I reply in order to learn more about Mr. Williams. And soon enough I have a story submitted from someone who appears to know much about Williams that the average blogger might not have access to.

And now I ask myself, do I go with this story. Not being one who believes in censorship in most instances, I believe that it is not only fair to give a venue to this story but possibly important that I do so.

And in consideration that the author of the story claims to have not been able to address these issues with Savage on his radio broadcast I am hopeful that Savage, who I believe reads many blogs which contain reference to him will see this article and take the opportunity to get in contact with the author of the following journalistic expose’ so that he might arrange to interview the author.

As Snake Oil Sam is a resident of the geographic region in which the author worked with Williams I find it a little more than interesting. But a good story is a good story no matter what part of the country it originated in.

I just wonder if this story might be picked up by the mainstream press due to the things stated herein. If it does in fact gain any recognition I Snake Oil Sam take full credit for uncovering the story.

If on the other hand this article makes any wise guys really mad, something which I seem to have developed a knack for lately, I blame it all on the author of the story. As he writes in his own words, “As for the veracity of my story, I know full well the lawsuit I risk from Williams if any of it isn't true. I am an eyewitness to most everything I detailed. There are others who can back me up, most notably Larry Sparano, who is now a news anchor at the Fox affiliate in Binghamton, NY.”

Having said all of that, I will now present for your consideration the story which I received from the author in his own words.

The Truth about Paul Williams
Written by Gary Cangemi

I don’t know how much longer I can take hearing Paul Williams being touted as an anti-terrorist hero, while real heroes are fighting and dying to keep our nation safe with no more reward than their army pay and the gratitude of those of us who support the war on terror. It also sickens me to see so many people sending their hard-earned money to the “P.T. Barnum of Journalism” who suddenly finds himself on the receiving end of a lawsuit as a result of his reckless style of journalism. This man is no hero. In my experienced opinion, Paul Williams is a journalistic fraud who (is) deserving of neither sympathy nor our cash.

Who the hell am I? My name is Gary Cangemi, a self employed freelance graphic artist and cartoonist, who once worked with Williams on the Scranton weekly newspaper, The Metro, which was published by the Scranton Cultural Society, a non-profit organization founded and run by Williams. When I first met and worked with Paul, I was taken in as was everyone else by his apparent sincerity, his articulate persona, and his seeming dedication to publishing a newspaper that told the truth about Scranton, Pennsylvania and the corrupt political machinery that ran it. The staff included myself as editorial writer and cartoonist, local TV CBS affiliate anchorman Larry Sparano, a contributing writer, Paul Ferraro, an environmental writer, Mitch Grochowski, investigative writer, and many others, all working freelance for the weekly tabloid. We all worked hard with little pay to try to make The Metro a success and an alternative source of news and information.

The Metro, however, was beset with financial problems because of the efforts of a frequent target of our stories…Louis DeNaples, the local landfill operator, a billionaire and convicted felon, with alleged ties to organized crime, according to annual reports by the Pennsylvania Crime Commission. Larry Sparano took a particular interest in deNaples, and did a series of investigative reports on him, which eventually cost Larry his TV job weeks after DeNaples threatened him with unemployment. Because many local businesses do business with DeNaples, they refused to advertise in The Metro and pressured others not to advertise as well. This could have been Paul Williams shining moment as a crusading journalist fighting the billionaire landfill boss as head of a small town paper. Instead, Williams revealed his true colors and went, hat-in-hand, to see DeNaples and asked him to help the Metro with advertising and to use his influence in securing other advertisers. In exchange, Williams decided not run any more negative stories about DeNaples. This was confirmed when Paul refused to run a story by Sparano about a criminal investigation into DeNaples’ son, who was being investigated for allegedly discharging a firearm in public. When I confronted Williams with the incident, he was adamant that he would run no more negative stories about DeNaples because the paper needed advertisers to stay afloat.

The final straw came when Williams assigned environmental writer Paul Ferraro to do a story on DeNaple’s landfill. Ferraro took a tour of the facility and wrote what he felt was a fair and balanced piece, with both positive and negative points. He turned the story in, I read it, and agreed it was a fair story and told Williams so. Then the phone rang and I answered it. It was Louis DeNaples asking for Williams. Apparently Williams had faxed a copy of the story to DeNaples for HIS APPROVAL! DeNaples then dictated edits to the story over the phone and Paul Williams, defender of the truth, compliantly began striking the negative items from the story. I could not believe my eyes. After that incident, Sparano, Ferraro, and I all quit the paper. Paul Williams, unapologetic, stated he was tired of operating the paper at a loss and that DeNaples had promised to deliver advertisers to the paper.

A couple of years later, Paul Williams wanted to sell the paper, but he didn’t want certain shareholders to benefit from the sale, namely me, a 5% owner. The Metro was incorporated under Metro News Inc. Paul created a dummy company called Metro Syndicate Inc. which he sold to a Pittston businessman, then transferred the assets of Metro News to Metro Syndicate, leaving Metro News an empty shell and worthless on paper.

Williams continued to work for The Metro for a while then left. Later, I learned that the Metro, under its new management was used as a 3 million dollar money-laundering enterprise. I don’t know if Williams was still associated with the paper at that point, but I doubt it. Williams may lack integrity, but I don’t believe he is a criminal.

Now Williams is passing himself off as a terrorism expert and an FBI consultant or informant, giving people the impression that he currently consults with the FBI on terrorism. I neither know of nor ever heard Paul Williams state that he is actively consulting with the FBI on terrorism. He is more than likely using the label from his pre-911 discussions with local FBI agents on organized crime in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Paul should know. He sold his beloved weapon of truth The Metro to people who used it as a three million dollar laundry for profits from prostitution and drugs! But what are his credentials as an expert on terrorism? What training has he received? What special work has he done in the field that would qualify him as an expert? By his own admission, anyone could have done his book research with “a telephone, a computer and a library card.” Paul Williams is relishing all this media attention, knowing full well he has everyone completely sold on his status as an "expert" on international terrorism. Well, not everyone.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not against the intent of Paul’s books. I’m sure much of what he has written is true because he probably got it from some reliable internet sources. I am a political conservative and fully support the war on terror, but I wouldn’t spend a red cent on anything Williams wrote because the man has proven that he has no journalistic integrity. This is a man who once bragged to me that he had the ability to write movie reviews without ever having seen the films. This is a man who betrayed honest journalists who dedicated themselves to his newspaper by selling out to the local “Boss Tweed.” Whatever trouble Paul Williams is in as a result of his book, I believe is probably of his own making. Why should honest hard-working Americans run to this man’s aid, just because he claims to be an expert on terrorism? Do yourselves a favor and DO NOT contribute to the Paul Williams Defense Fund. Trust me, he’s laughing all the way to the bank. Send your money instead to UNICO or some other organization which supports our veterans…THE REAL ANTI-TERRORISM HEROES!

By the way, for the very brief period that Paul Williams was a newspaper man, very few people read his work. The Metro was a small 28 page tabloid weekly with a paid subscriber base under 10,000 compared to the local daily which had a readership of over 100,000. His claims of being a “seasoned and award winning journalist” are highly inflated when compared to noted national career journalists.
End Article
Editors Note: I have been briefly discussing a few issues with David W.T. Carroll, esq. the attorney in charge of Dr. Paul Williams’s defense fund. In regard to comments which Gary Cangemi made in his writing on Dr. Williams, I feel that it is necessary that I add this note for the consideration of anyone who might read this article.

Even though it is my opinion basing it upon Cangemi’s view, “a lawsuit as a result of his reckless style of journalism” that Williams got himself into hot water by a reckless approach to his reporting, that Cangemi was suggesting that Williams is laughing all the way to the bank in that others would help him with financial aid to get him out of something which Williams had managed to have gotten himself into.

I don’t believe that Cangemi was alluding to the fact that Williams or Carrol were using the donations to the
defense fund in an improper way. It is clearly being used for the purpose for which it is intended. In any event I offer my apology to Dr. Williams and Attorney Carroll for any possible misunderstanding that he was being impugned about his integrity in overseeing the fund.

In addition I offer Dr. Williams opportunity to state his position on the comments made by Gary Cangemi.

If Michael Savage would like to contact Gary Cangemi in order to interview him he can do so by e-mail at Cangemi’s e-mail. If in fact Mr. Williams wishes to make any reasonable response to the comments of Mr. Cangemi I would gladly post any thoughts or rebuttal that he might offer. Simply send any comments to me at the Contact Snake Oil Sam link at the end of this article.

Anyone who after reading the Cangemi article wishing to offer an opinion is also welcome to contact me or for that matter direct it to
Mr. Cangemmi if you are so inclined. I would like to thank Gary Cangemmi for giving me the opportunity to allow his story to be told.
Addendum: Gary Cangemi is a nationally syndicated pro life cartoonist and creative genius of Umbert the Unborn. To learn more go to the official Umbert website.
Addendum: Here is a comment submitted by environmental reporter Paul Ferraro in regard to comments made by Gary Cangemi.

I am Paul Ferraro, the free lance environmental reporter alluded to in the Cangemi article. The incident noted in Cangemi's article concerning Paul Williams editing a story I wrote on Louis DeNaple's landfill is correct.
Freedom of Speech or Death
Snake Oil Sam
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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Snake Waxes Legalistic

Imagine a company for its own reasons decides that a problem which they have will simply go away if they ignore it. I at one time worked for someone like that. It was his management style. And I have to admit that it worked quite well.

He would simply ignore all of the issues and the ones that just wouldn’t go away he would eventually deal with. I call it the “Collins Effect.” And I am currently in the midst of one of those Collins Effect situations.

However one thing about the Collins Effect is that the few that you do have to deal with absolutely must be dealt with because they are the long lived ones which never go away until you address them.

And the creation of a highly hostile workplace in violation of company rules is one of those category five hurricanes which blow through from time to time. The only way to make the matter go away is for the company to do the right thing.

And if they fail to take decisive action very soon then they will have to deal with the multi million dollar legal action which they will find themselves confronted with. And in light of the companies own polices and the facts of the case as testified to by several people I fail to see why there is even any delay in doing the right thing.

After all if the attacker doesn’t leave then the victim must himself leave. That means that he must take action in order to be compensated for damages. Then the only really big question left is what color will the Lamborghini in the five car garage at the new house be?

Freedom of Speech or Death
Snake Oil Sam
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