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Dr. Paul Williams in His Own Words

When publishing the words of others you sometimes find that you open doors which might better have been left closed. This is especially true in matters where things can be seen as a matter of personal opinion. It is especially true when the person being on the receiving end of the comments is someone who has daily held himself out in the public eye as a champion of truth.

In such instances when reputation is all that a person has, especially when that person is facing daily legal attacks because of his stance against the evils of terrorism against America, it might not have been a wise course of action to publish anything which calls into question that reputation.

So, since that has already taken place due to circumstance of a belief in Freedom of Speech it is incumbent that Dr. Williams be afforded every opportunity to speak in his own words in response to the Gary Cangemi statements.

I will leave it up to the reader to accept the words of both gentlemen and discern exactly what the truth is. If you consider the personal accomplishments of Dr. Williams in his own words I think that you will be hard pressed to doubt his past actions.

I make no judgment of either fellow and even though I respect the right of Cangemi to have had his voice in the subject of the public personality known as Dr. Paul Williams, I state for the record in no uncertain terms that I remain both fan and friend of Paul Williams.

Gary Cangemi has stated to me that what he has now stated on public record is all true and he can and is willing to back up his own words in a court of public law. That as far as I am concerned is as far as I am willing to go in defense of Freedom of Speech. Cangemi has had his voice heard.

Any further discussion between Cangemi and Williams on the matter can be taken up between them in that public venue. I pledge that I will still continue to cover the story of Paul Williams as he continues to stand up for America.

Having said the above words, I forthwith offer you the words of a man who not only defends the security of Americans every day with much passion but now defends his own reputation and integrity.

In His Own Defense
Written by Dr. Paul Williams

Snake Oil Sam:

I wish you had contacted me before posting the malicious allegations by Gary Cangemi. To get to the truth of the matter, please call Cangemi and ask him who owned and operated THE METRO (yours truly), who put up every dime for its publication (me), who edited the paper and penned most of the copy (me). Please ask him about his duties at The Metro.

He was a cartoonist for which he was well paid. Ask him if I ever cheated him out of a dollar. Ask him what he paid for the stock in THE METRO (nothing, I gave him five shares as a gift). Ask him if I was responsible for laundering money through The Metro for the mob (I want him to be straight-forward so that I can sue him).

Ask him when these alleged events took place (in 1993 - - more than 14 years ago). Ask him about my reputation as a journalist (I was the only journalist to capture three first-place Keystone Press Awards in three different categories in the same year - 1993). Ask him about the reputation of The Metro under my tenure (it was named one of the best newspapers in the state for editorial content by The Pennsylvania Association of Newspaper Publishers).

Ask him if he appeared on talk shows in Northeastern Pennsylvania to say that I sold The Metro to Louis DeNaples, a landfill owner with alleged ties to the Mafia (an allegation that is ridiculous). Ask him what he knows about my affiliation with the FBI (I served the bureau on a regular basis between 1995 - 2001 and was responsible for placing Mafia thugs in the slammer. During this time, I had no contact with Cangemi).

Ask him about his own training in journalism. Ask him what financial investment he or Larry Sparano made in any enterprise of mine (none). Ask him what he knows about my background and training as an editor (Before establishing The Metro with my own means, I served as the senior editor for Northeast Books, the publishing arm of The Fellowship of Catholic Scholars).

Ask him about the journalistic expertise of Paul Ferrario, the writer I edited (Ferrario is a barber in Carbondale with no training whatsoever in journalism). Ask him for the basis of his statement that I am "laughing all the way to the bank" with funds from the defense account. Call Cangemi at [Number Redacted.] It will be easy for you to uncover the truth. When you accomplish this, please remove the inflammatory statements regarding my character from your blog. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.

Ed: If you believe in the cause of Paul Williams and wish to support him you can do that by going to the
Paul Williams Legal Defense Fund website and making a contribution.

Freedom of Speech or Death
Snake Oil Sam
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