Thursday, September 06, 2007

Snake Waxes Legalistic

Imagine a company for its own reasons decides that a problem which they have will simply go away if they ignore it. I at one time worked for someone like that. It was his management style. And I have to admit that it worked quite well.

He would simply ignore all of the issues and the ones that just wouldn’t go away he would eventually deal with. I call it the “Collins Effect.” And I am currently in the midst of one of those Collins Effect situations.

However one thing about the Collins Effect is that the few that you do have to deal with absolutely must be dealt with because they are the long lived ones which never go away until you address them.

And the creation of a highly hostile workplace in violation of company rules is one of those category five hurricanes which blow through from time to time. The only way to make the matter go away is for the company to do the right thing.

And if they fail to take decisive action very soon then they will have to deal with the multi million dollar legal action which they will find themselves confronted with. And in light of the companies own polices and the facts of the case as testified to by several people I fail to see why there is even any delay in doing the right thing.

After all if the attacker doesn’t leave then the victim must himself leave. That means that he must take action in order to be compensated for damages. Then the only really big question left is what color will the Lamborghini in the five car garage at the new house be?

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