Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Spiritual Journey Continues

As I begin my spiritual journey in pursuit of enlightenment I must remember to keep an open mind. Yes I must accept that all things are possible in the realm of spirituality. I must not discount or ridicule any of what I find in my journey. Who knows what is true? People who seem to be adept at learning great mysteries of the cosmos are the Hindu people. So perhaps they have learned great secrets in their own journey.

As I find something which is almost unbelievable it opens the mind to possibilities of great social benefit. Think of the cost savings to corporations if they would simply apply some of these techniques for dealing with troublesome problems.

So, if you like me want to open your mind to possibilities of a somewhat less than F.A.A. standard in order to improve business effectiveness simply read this news report of
what you can do with a goat. If you like goats as pets you might not want to read this linked article.
Excuse me while I make a call to Nepal Airlines, as I have to make a trip and want to fly a top-of-the-line air service. Indeed, an airline which relies on far more than aircraft mechanics? Now that’s what I call a spiritual journey.

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