Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Savage Defends Islam?

In what at first blush appears to be a defense of Islam, Michael Savage spoke out against the perverted path which the extreme left has taken America down. Though he is clearly no fan of freedom hating radical Islam, Savage pointed out that Islam is in a fight for the soul of its youth.

But an interesting question raised is how far individual freedom can be permitted to go before that freedom reverts to pure decadence which will always consume itself in the end.

It seems that nature or some profound law of God has placed a circuit breaker in the soul of man so that anytime the populace goes beyond a certain boundary the pendulum of cosmic order pulls society from the brink of its own profligate demise.

This action has in most instances been accompanied by some great global conflagration which has made it a painful exercise. But with modern technological advances in warfare and weaponry the next conflagration might just prove to be one which leaves a hole far to big for mankind to crawl back out of.

So with all of the decadence in the western world it appears that people who believe that they serve the one true God are the ones who will lead mankind back to that place where God is the focus of our passion rather than sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Somehow I doubt that there are very many people in America who will truly embrace the message of Islam. Certainly some have and will continue to do so. Religion will in the near future play a significant role in the lives of many who are rapidly becoming burned out or simply burned by the corporate American dream.

People like Savage who himself seems to take comfort in the words of the bible as the only rational choice for America brings on an almost daily basis reports of how the corporate greed of free enterprise has begun to sell the very future security of America down the river.

I see a time when Savage becomes, no not the President of the United States but rather a great evangelist of a new religion comprised of people who want and plan on taking back America.

The government will respond by attempting to silence the voice of the great American prophet, Michael Savage. Yes, the government has much to fear from Savage as they understand that a religious movement which has many followers is an unstoppable force.

Savage has that kind of listenership and he has proven it on several occasions as he has been directly responsible for the vote made in Congress. No one of his enemies will admit that. Not even his peers in talk radio will admit that.

Right now Savage is once again about to unleash his army of devotees upon Washington in order to prevent the wholesale dismantling of one of Americas most vital assets, our defense department.

This is why both the left and right want to see Savage taken down fast and hard. But it can’t be permitted and when push comes to shove the moral majority shall clearly prevail. But it is certainly going to get ugly out there in the streets of America before that end result is accomplished.

Michael Savage is going to be written in the history books of an America which rises from the swamp of decadents and perversion which has all but consumed the America of our grandfathers.

Whatever the outcome, there are clearly many who have come to rely on Savage as one of the very few who have the courage to speak truth to all who will simply listen and believe. He is a man who stands above the crowd because he speaks what he believes without regard to any allegiance.

Savage recently had no problem in referring to
Ann Coulter as a “vile skank” and also a “filthy skank” after she made comments which appear to be highly offensive to the Jew and any who recognize that there is a separation of dogma but not a separation of fidelity between Christian and Jew.

That aside you have to admit that Coulter is one of the hottest looking babes around the right wing lecture circuit. So since I judge much on appearance being the woman objectifying guy I really am, I will have to say that we just need to give Ann a little bit of slack on this one.

How will it all turn out is anyone’s guess. One thing which is certainly apparent is that Michael Savage is one of the biggest and baddest dogs on the block!

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