Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Common Bond

Long before the invention of modern G.P.S. devices, at a time when only the wealthy and educated owned maps, individuals who traveled likely determined where they were by the local language spoken. If the native tongue were Italian there was a good likelihood that such individual had ventured into Italy.

But if someone today were to venture into the United States of America what nation would that individual determine that they had come to? Surely with the cacophony of languages being spoken it would be a difficult task to make such assessment accurately.

The fact that many languages are spoken in this nation is nothing new since we are a nation built of many nations. Our true national treasure is that very fact. We as a people have gained much through the hard work and genius which was given us by the many diverse cultures of our predecessors.

Our modern cities were founded and built by people of many cultures speaking many differing languages. Consider the architectural design abilities of the Western and Eastern European nations?

And those of course relied on the science and mathematical genius of the ancient Arabic culture. It is something which when blended together gave us our greatest treasure, each other.

Yet apart from unique cultural traditions there has always been special glue which has bound us together, acting in a way of empowering us on a common ground which has always united us as a people, a nation. That one very important thing has always been our common language, English.

With each new wave of immigration came a new language. Those who spoke the language of the family kept it alive within the family for at least a generation as that is common for all people. That matter remains true today, yet today something has changed.

It seems that there is a certain political segment operating within our society which feels that it is mandatory that each group be encouraged to keep alive that language and that the greater society must cater to those who speak that language.

In effect we are losing our national identity to a mindset, a political viewpoint, which if continued can only weaken an already weakened nation further. Historically all peoples who have come to these shores have contributed to the greater good of our society. By allowing a dilution of our culture by a multi-cultural multi-linguistic society we only permit harm to the nation.

Government owes people nothing more than opportunity. Education in English is the fairest way to assure that all people in the United States are afforded that opportunity. It is also the best way to assure that the current form of Government remains stable.

For people to have fair and complete opportunity they must first fully understand the concept of the founding fathers, government of, by and for the people. As radio talk show host Barry Farber once stated, “A government is nothing more than a language, with an army to back it up.”

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