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Licensing Humans

In a recent guest editorial published in the Weekend Edition of The News Eagle of Hawley, Pennsylvania written by Sheldon Richman, a Libertarian of the first order, he makes certain assumptions and assertions which if given a modicum of thought simply don’t hold water. Let us consider his assertion that it is not a proper thing to license humans.

To begin with the term used “licensing humans” in the title of his editorial is patently misleading. The action of the government is not to “license humans” as such would imply that we have no right to exist sans a license issued by the government. No such thing is suggested in any legal establishing document of our Nation.

The government and governmental agencies, local, state and federal do not license humans, they license activities of those humans. Based upon an apparent precept of Richman it would appear that anyone can do anything they choose to do without the need of anyone holding them to a standard.

Imagine that you were required to go to a hospital for medical care. Would you want to stay at a medical facility which was not required by law to meet specific standards of health and cleanliness? Would you want to be treated by someone who simply decided one day that she or he was qualified to be a practitioner of medical arts?

The same would be applicable to any professional field in which life or safety often hangs in the balance. Sure I would be more than happy to design and build a bridge over the Delaware River. After all, I had an Erector Set as a small boy.

In addition, adding to my Erector Set expertise I regularly drive across a bridge over the Delaware River. I think my observations on the many bridges I have ever driven across have given me enough knowledge to construct one. It is nothing more than a conglomeration of steel and concrete.

I even live near and have walked upon the Roebling Bridge which was built in the mid nineteenth century by
John Roebling the man who designed and built the famed Brooklyn Bridge. Now if being in the company of John Roebling doesn’t qualify me to build a bridge then nothing does.

I don’t question the educational bona fides of the gentlemen, only his opinion on the matter which is clearly colored by his political views. That is the problem with any political agenda or dogma; it fails to provide leeway for truly free thought. You always must remain true to your cause even if it fails to consider the reality of the situation. You must never permit the facts to get in your way.

In regard to his editorial viewpoint Richman, true to his position, seems to suggest that the convoluted system of governmental authority should not require that we be licensed to operate a motor vehicle. That licensing regulation would of course in the mind of Richman be something which would prevent illegal aliens whom he refers to by the term “undocumented residents” from enjoying the liberties which he suggests they are entitled to by having entered this country in violation of law which it appears that the Freedom Foundation believes should not even exist in the first place.

No Sheldon, they are by textbook definition illegal invaders as has been often pointed out by radio talk show host Michael Savage. How then sir if, as you state, they are here simply for a better life by working hard, are so many of them guests of this countries penal system? And no it isn’t because they are victims of xenophobia or racism.

They are in prison at the expense and burden of the American Taxpayer simply because they were caught committing a criminal act. Could it be that at least some of them really are here in order to carry out their criminal activity? That criminal activity becomes much easier if no one is aware that they are here in the first place.

Mr. Richman the larger picture of what you are attempting to accomplish is a worthy cause. But it cannot be done in a way which invites every desperate soul in the world into this nation by eradicating boarders, language and culture.

Wouldn’t it be a better scenario if the American form of government and rule of law were exported to the nations in which these disparate souls currently reside? If the borders of the United States of America were officially open to all with a large welcome sign so that all might enter without documentation or any form of background check then indeed all will in time arrive on these shores.

Consider that they will hold political and social views far different than those which you so passionately espouse. Perhaps they might decide that what this country really needs is a good solid communist government.

Possibly they, depending upon their strength of numbers and conviction, will decide that what this country really needs in order to become a great nation is the elimination of our Constitution and rule of law and the establishment of the rule of the Religion of Peace and the implementation of Surea Law.

At that time will you become far less of a Libertarian and much more of a xenophobic isolationist? Perhaps it would be better for you to moderate your viewpoint so that the rights which you enjoy might remain in tact. Is there room for your viewpoint? Of course there is, there is room enough for all voices to be heard.

I would not for a moment suggest that you have no right to voice that opinion since by doing so you keep open the lines of debate which is what is really needed to keep the founding principle alive.

But by fighting your cause in your pursuit of an agenda of Libertarianism you clearly harm your own cause. The American people want the freedom which was recognized as emanating from God in the founding documents.

In your pursuit of the basic principles both you and your
Freedom Foundation are to be commended. But no philosophy or political dogma is without its inherent faults including your own.

The way in which to have true democracy is by keeping on guard as you are currently doing but at the same time moderating your viewpoint to one which recognizes that some degree of governmental intervention is mandatory.

And yes the attacks launched against the sovereign soil of The United States of America on the eleventh day of September, 2001 did in fact change the way in which the freedom of the American people is impacted. Open borders though is not an acceptable option. Some governmental regulation is mandatory.

Freedom of Speech or Death
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