Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Quest for Healthy Living

The following is an excerpt from an article reviewing Quest Diagnostics as an investment position. I would always support anyone who points investor money to Quest Diagnostics. However I have a small issue with a point made in the following excerpt. After you read it I will continue my comments below.

As the baby-boom generation continues to grow and becomes worrisome of health problems, these individuals will be eager to find out any detrimental-body problems. More customers leads to more demand, and more demand will lead to higher sales and higher EPS numbers. Somewhat related, Quest also focuses on esoteric testing. What these tests deal with include metabolism, genetics, and blood clots. Not only are all of these areas related to aging individuals, but overweight individuals as well. Unhealthy diets and inactive lifestyles can severely hinder people from living proper lives. As a result, tests are needed for prescription purposes, and healthcare facilities like Quest benefit once again. And as the life expectancy continues to grow higher and individuals continue to make unhealthy choices, this New Jersey-based company will please shareholders. However, looking at the other companies in this industry, an investor may notice that most of the rivals to Quest have similar business strategies. What differentiate Quest from these competitors, however, is its strong fundamentals.

I would agree with much of what the author of the article writes but my problem is in the focus on Quest Diagnostics making money based on the unhealthy lifestyle which many of us live.

Though it is true that Quest Diagnostics does make money by such reason and it is true the article is focusing on the creation of personal wealth, the fact remains that Quest Diagnostics is focused on improving and advancing good health through technologies. This is what drives the engine which as a result is creating the very best in medical diagnostics.

This company is comprised of many health specialists who have as a mission advancing science frontiers so that all people might have the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle. Quest Diagnostics believes that one of its primary missions is to help the medical community make good decisions by providing the most accurate information in a timely manner.

If that mission is met then there is no reason to doubt that Quest Diagnostics will continue to grow and evolve into a highly stable company which in the perspective, I believe, of the author of the article is to state that Quest Diagnostics is a solid investment.

But simply basing that position of finance strategy on poor health lifestyle is, I believe, an error in judgment of the blogger since any company can perform diagnostic testing. What then is making the difference? It is in the people at Quest Diagnostics who stand behind the testing process.

If you would like to read the entire article I offer a hyperlink to tadlock’s blog.

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