Saturday, December 01, 2007

Vacation Fun

Dear Diary:

What has old Snake been up to lately? Well as you already know I have not really been in the mood to write anything since dad died back in October. Funny how things affect you in ways that you would never have thought possible.

Along with that was the recent union issue at work. Since I permitted myself to become so deeply entrenched in that debacle and all of the sundry issues related to it I now seem to be paying the price in a physical way.

Rather than enjoying a few days of vacation rest in some pleasant setting i.e. my front porch, my retreat of first resort and the place where I intend to spend my non union retirement, I spent much of it in a hospital bed in Port Jervis, New York.

I must say that Bon Secours has an excellent, compassionate professional medical staff. They did an excellent job helping me to get back on my feet after informing me that I have a hole in my stomach large enough to drive a freight train through.

However I will need to continue with some serious outpatient follow up care. But If I behave myself and eat the right foods and stop worrying about the fate of the human race I just might get to the point where I can do what I need to do such as breathe.

Apparently when your hemoglobin level drops so low that you don’t have hardly any red blood cells several things can happen. One your heart gets all screwed up and tends to want to stop beating. Actually it overworks itself until it just shuts down much like a car engine running at high R.P.M.’s with limited oil in the crankcase.

So if you don’t want to die way to young try to stay calm and eat a healthy diet. And don’t drink good Kentucky Bourbon. Fair Thee Well Maker’s Mark. Damn and I just bought a new bottle.

Well, at least as an employee benefit at Quest Diagnostics I will be able to get the company to perform all of the follow up lab work for free. I sure hope that the medical insurance is as good as Wendy says it is because I am about to get hit with some pretty hefty medical bills since about half of the medical community of Pike County Pennsylvania and Orange County New York were and still are caring for me.

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