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American Democracy’s Final Act

Americans have been fortunate to have been given the birthright gift of a democratic society. But is such a system perfect and free from threat? In conclusion of a conversation with my son I began to dwell on some of the things which he had said. That conversation is what leads to this article.

The conversation began with the topic of freedom of association and what the government might do to interfere with such freedom. It seems that the government wants to force upon a community in New Jersey things which the community objects to. This community is founded by a Christian association which under charter made over a century ago made all of the real property within the community the possession of the association.

Nothing wrong with that as it was done with the backing of its membership. But now it seems that a lesbian couple wants to have a civil union which is recognized by the State of New Jersey performed on the property of this association. This religious association apparently rents the facility to couples who wed at this beach facility.

Now it would seem that since this religious association is legally permitted to decide as a religious group, by way of freedom of association, to disallow the use of this facility by a lesbian couple, there should be no problem.

But it appears that according to some legal opinion there are mitigating factors which are being utilized to take this religious association to task. Apparently this religious association which is on a stretch of New Jersey’s beautiful shore received some money from either State or Federal treasury or perhaps both in order to repair beach erosion damage caused by a winter storm.

By accepting tax dollars this otherwise private community might have lost its right to disallow a lesbian couple from using its facilities. The courts will decide. A lesson to be learned here is that sometimes the hand that feeds you might also bite you. And yes that is an intentional reversal of the old saying.

But the conversation got far deeper after this. It got into what constitutes what is the difference between what a church might do to a member in church discipline and what if anything the government might do to intervene and interfere with that church discipline.

This leads to a few comments on the subject of Islam and
Sharia law. Do those who practice Islam have the right to practice Sharia law in the United States of America? My first comment was no, absolutely not!

But if that is the case then the question is raised, why might any church be permitted to practice any form of church discipline? Of course the thought is such law would not be permitted to be held as a standard to which non Muslims must follow.

But if it is a matter of simply holding Muslims to such a standard then is there really a problem? Of course the highest law which all Americans regardless of religious belief or lack thereof must come under is the Law of the Land. Sharia would possibly seek to overrule Constitutional law. Never must that be permitted.

But as it relates to actions within the Islamic community and those who profess to follow such dictates willingly why then is there a problem with those individuals subjecting themselves to Sharia law?

This issue leads to even more discussion which raised the subject which gives title to this article. Can it be possible that at some future date we will see the demise of our beloved Constitution and Bill of Rights in favor of Sharia law?

How might such a thing be possible? Imagine for a moment if there was a time in the near future that through legal immigration, birth and conversation to Islam a large portion of the American Populace was aligned with Islam and the dictates of Sharia.

If at this future date all of these devout Islamists were politically oriented what might be the result? Imagine if you will a man who has alliances and allegiance to Islam were to be elected to the highest office in the land. Perhaps a number of the members of the House and Senate were also cut from the same pattern.

And at this time the new President has the opportunity to appoint a number of Supreme Court Justices. Perhaps through a case being decided by this future Supreme Court it might be ruled that all Muslims must be guided and judged by a Sharia established court.

At the same time might it be possible for a majority of the populace now dedicated to the advancement of the new Islamic American State to pass laws eliminating the Bill of Rights and the Supreme Court in favor of a Sharia appointed Court that all Americans might be subject to?

Is it possible that as stated by my son, the ultimate democratic act, American Democracy’s final act might be the intentional democratic destruction of democracy itself at a ballot box? This is of course nothing more than theoretical ponderings of a Snake Oil Salesman on a winter afternoon. Or is it?

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