Monday, January 21, 2008

Are U.F.O.’s Real?

It seems that I have been little inspired in writing anything lately. Not anything of value, not even any snake oil. That is assuming any of what I have ever written is of any value. I would like to think that some of it has at least a degree of merit. But in any event it keeps me out of trouble locked away in the snake pit with a computer to play with on a very cold winter day.

The political news is so boring that most people are burning out on it already. Perhaps that is the idea that if enough of the political nonsense is reported every day then we will all become so mind numbed to the real issues that we no longer care what they do or say in the beltway.

Most people like me are so busy simply trying to survive and watching our 401k going down the toilet that we don’t even have time to pay attention to the news. We are simply wrapped up in our work. On that front I am happy to learn that Quest Diagnostics has entered an agreement with General Motors for all new fleet vehicles.

That issue should prove to be a great cost savings to the company as I am certain that an excellent contract with great terms was written. What really excited me though was when it was announced in a town hall meeting that the vehicles will be retrofitted with rebuilt turbines which have been recently decommissioned by the United States Air Force.

There will be a few bugs to work out since as I reported to my manager when I hit the reverse thrusters on my test model I blew right past four accounts before I was able to stop. But I am sure that when that problem is resolved we will become more efficient at providing a great turn around time on specimens. Great idea Surya, on behalf of the crew thanks for the new rocket powered vehicles.

But now that I am finished discussing those things I want to address the issue of The U.F.O. phenomenon. Like I said before there isn’t much worth writing about. There are people who believe and people who don’t. I am undecided even though I have seen some unusual things in the night sky. As well I have some very good old friends in New Hampshire who lived many years ago in an area which had a great number of reported sightings.

I have no reason to question their sincerity and truthfulness in reporting what they had seen. One family had a house in an area which had regularly seen strange lights near their house in Merrimack County near
Mount Kearsarge, home of the old fire ranger station and one of my favorite childhood summer haunts.

It was also an area where in those days there were reports of what became known as the New Hampshire Ghost Ship. Some of my friends had experienced that craft following them at night.

What got me thinking about this subject was the recent reporting of a large unidentified object by many people in
a town in Texas. My personal belief is that many of these objects are advanced military craft which I understand is about fifty years ahead of the general aviation industry. In other words in fifty years our grandchildren will look up and simply say, look an Air Force fighter jet.

We of course see this sort of technology as extra terrestrial. Imagine if someone in the nineteen thirties saw a modern jet fighter. Their first thought would likely be invasion from Mars.

But this recent sighting in Texas seems to report a craft which was one mile long and a half mile wide. If the United States Military can get something that big off the ground then the people working at the area 51 skunk works are doing a really great job.

The thing which I find most interesting about the recent Texas ship is that there is virtually no reporting of it by main stream media other than the initial first day limited reporting. Has Uncle Sam ordered the story spiked? Let’s face it whether a real U.F.O. or military technology the Air Force isn’t saying anything.

Either way they have to deny it. The same old tired story military flares or helicopters flying in formation. Why not just say it is swamp gas or a weather balloon. But if it is in fact something other than military hardware why deny that people saw something which cannot be explained?

Is it because they think that people will panic and the country will fall into chaos? Perhaps that would have been true back in the 1950’s but I believe that today the reaction of the average person in the west would be how cool.

I am reminded of the old joke during the gas crunch of the 1970’s “Mr. President, I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that we have been invaded by Martians. The good news, they piss gasoline.”

So what is it really? I don’t know with any certainty, but I wish that those who do know would just come out and tell us that we have made contact. Maybe we can trade something for new energy technology. Maybe they just want a nice place to land so that they don’t always have to land in a swamp somewhere in the boondocks.

Anyway, that is all I have to write about at this moment. Like I said there isn’t much to write about lately. But as stated I am really excited about the new Quest Diagnostics jet powered vehicles.

Well, that is as issue for some other day. As Mork so often said Nah Noo, Nah Noo!

U.F.O. View of Quest Diagnostics Teterboro, New Jersey

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Texas U.F.O. Addendum:

Fifteen days after a through investigation by the United States Air Force into the Texas U.F.O. issue it was disclosed to the media that it was in fact ten fighter jets on training maneuvers which was what is alleged to have been witnessed by many individuals. Some reported that they had seen a very large craft flying very low and very fast.

Interestingly it was only two weeks ago that this same military which denied that there was any military activity in that area at the time in question. So how is it that now since the story has not gone away that anyone is expected to believe this cover, or should I write cover up?

With all of the taxpayer money which these good folks get from us you might think that they could come up with something more creditable for an explanation. And since I questioned why they can’t simply admit that there are some events like this which defy a rational explanation I now offer you a possible explanation to my own question.

Could it be that the U.S. military cannot admit to the citizenry whom it is sworn to defend that there is possibly something out there which is now here which is so awesome and technologically advanced which they cannot possibly fight against with our seemingly limited technology?

Is it that the U.S. military cannot admit that we are out gunned? I guess that it would have been a bad idea to even attempt to bring down something a mile long and a half mile wide anyway. If something that big can fly the chance is that the power plant might just be a nuclear driven machine.

Just the thought of something as big as that craft was reported to have been hitting the ground is pretty frightening as it would make a pretty big hole. God forbid that it crashes in a populated area. And if it is in anyway a nuclear power plant that just might cause a few problems for the cleanup crew and everyone else in Texas.

Perhaps the military brain trust has created a book on how to handle such a situation. Simply stick your head in the sand and hope that it goes away without too many people noticing. Then in order to handle the few who did in fact see it simply let L.E.D. the lame excuse department handle it.

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