Thursday, January 24, 2008

G.P.S. Theft Ring Smashed

The Record of Bergen County published a front page, above the fold, story about the arrest of four teens that apparently are responsible for the rash of thefts of expensive G.P.S. devices from cars parked, mainly at shopping malls in and around Bergen and Hudson Counties of New Jersey.

North Bergen (Hudson County) police made the arrest which led to the charges being filed last weekend according to The Record. The devices many of which are valued at about six to seven hundred dollars were being resold for a fraction of that price.

It would seem to me that if this industry wants to improve the security of these devices all that it would require would be a chip which would not only read where the vehicle was located but where the device itself was located when turned on. Then if reported stolen the police could be directed to that location.

Perhaps the device does not have the ability to read the precise location but even if it added a few dollars to the initial cost of the device it would be well worth the added expense to develop the technology. Perhaps the industry could offer a subscription service as a premium so that a person might elect to pay for such security of the device.

It certainly would be a good way to discourage the theft of such a device. And by enforcing laws about being in possession of such a stolen device it would clearly discourage others from knowingly buying such a stolen device.

Of course the best way to stop people from stealing anything from a parked car is to simply never leave anything of value inside the car where others can see it. It only takes a couple of seconds to put it in the trunk. It takes a lot longer to replace a broken window.

However at this point in time the four youths named as reported by The Record are Michael Christopher Lutz, 18; Christopher Babilonia 18; and Hector Labatta, 19; all of North Bergen; and Johnathan Martinez, 18; of West New York.

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