Thursday, January 03, 2008

Michael Savage a Plagiarist?

Plagiarism is the act of taking from someone else an original work or word and conveying it to others as if it is your own creation. It is something frowned upon in law and at the very least something done by people who have no honor or moral worth. It is something which is done by individuals who have no individual talent or are perhaps too inept to create their own work.

So, to hear Mark Levin refer to Michael Savage as a plagiarist on his syndicated talk show during the January 2, 2008 broadcast left me somewhat amused. I say that in view of how I define that action in the opening paragraph of this blog comment as it is in no way applicable to Michael Savage.

Savage is perhaps one of the most talented and creative talk show hosts in the business today. To call him simply a talk show host is in fact an insult. He is far more than that. He is a mentor in world history. He might very well better understand the significance of history as it relates to current events than most.

How is it that he must stand up to those who would attempt to suppress freedom of speech and at the same time face the derision of those who should rather be standing with him in his fight? After all, if he were to lose his lawsuit against CAIR, highly improbable yet a possibility, it would harm all talk show hosts.

Rather than insult the educational achievements of Savage, Mark Levin should be freely offering his legal expertise in assistance to Savage. To suggest that Savage is nothing because he has a “degree in food” is not a wise move on the part of Levin.

Eventually all talk show hosts are going to face the threat of suppression of their right to voice an opinion. Savage is simply the lightning rod. It is their responsibility as they hold a public trust of the public airwaves to unite with Savage in order to stop this threat.

It is also the responsibility of bloggers to stand up and support Savage with a united front of unity. Words do have power. What is written in defense of free speech and unity of thought might cause others to wake up. That is the real message of Savage to America. Wake Up Mark!

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