Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Beginning

Well, the New Year is here and I have to say that it really feels much like the one which just left. But being the eternal optimist I am willing to give it a chance. When I think back over the events of the past year I believe that it was one filled with much heartbreak and contention. That is something which I am fairly well responsible for.

But there are others who played a roll in that debacle. And I wish all of them well in hope that 2008 proves to be more peaceful and prosperity is had by everyone. That is especially true for the few friends I have remaining at Quest Diagnostics wherever you might find yourself.

I wish the corporate leadership at Quest Diagnostics well and simply ask that when you are counting the profits that you always remember and never forget who it is that makes it possible for you to have so many beans to count. Yes, it is all of us.

On a personal note I wish well to those members of our family who lost loved ones this year. It seems that many of us had that sad experience this year, including myself. If for one reason only, to honor their memories, we find the inner strength to carry on then that is what we should do.

In our diverse family each of us as individuals likely have personal beliefs of God and eternity. Who is right and who is not is not so important as much as how it affects who we are as people and how we treat others. In the end we can find a way that makes us happy.

So having said all of that I will simply wish to each of you who are kind enough to see each day what this old Snake Oil Salesman has to say all of the good things that life has to offer. Please understand that I am only one individual on a ship that has many aboard.

Dreams Never Die.

Brotherhood forever!

Freedom of Speech or Death
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