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Abortion and the Right to Choose

People in The United States of America have for many years discussed and debated the subject of abortion. Without getting to deeply into my own belief I would like to offer some thoughts and the writings of another blogger, someone far more intelligent and talented than myself. Her name is Dawn Eden and she is, among other things, a writer, a prolific blogger and an individual highly involved in her personal life in the pro-life movement.

My first thought is that it seems strange to even have to suggest or state that anyone is or needs to be involved in any form of pro-life movement. By doing so it would seem that by the rules of
Yin and Yang there would need in balance to be a pro death movement. This raises the question what sort of individual would be pro death?

If such an individual who is truly pro death can be found why then wouldn’t such a person take their individual belief to the ultimate conclusion and simply bring about there own death rather than seek the death of innocents? Of course in reality such individuals hide under the banner of pro-choice.

Of course not all who are pro-choice are truly pro death. But is that true of the leadership of the “pro-choice” movement? By reading some of the writing of Ms. Eden, whose blog I might add utilizes the many excellent links to the writings of others in making her point; and in following her links to others it soon becomes clear that the pro-choice movement or at least some segments of it have
a more sinister agenda.

One thought about the average individual is that as such they have been misguided by a society which is so self centered that it has turned its collective back on God. In addition a lack of education in the subject and a lack of concern for the sanctity of all human life surely must play a part in this matter.

As I write this article I can’t help but think back on a small portion of a conversation I heard recently while entering an abortion clinic in Englewood, New Jersey. Yes, that might sound strange that I would enter an abortion clinic. As a simple explanation it is a part of my job with Quest Diagnostics.

It is something which I have to admit that I do under duress as the management team requires that I perform my job function without regard to the type of medical procedure being performed. It matters little whether that medical facility save life or destroy it the bottom line is the bottom line. Remember, “Integrity” is everything in my job. Not my integrity but that of the company. So I say, Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to work we go!

I suppose that the argument can be made that a medical service is being provided to the formerly pregnant female by doing a biopsy on the murder victim. I imagine that something might be found in the specimen which would indicate that the formerly pregnant female might have some sort of medical condition which should be followed up for the health of the formerly pregnant female specimen donor.

If for no other reason it pays the light bill, not to mention my paycheck. So, I guess that in a small way I am guilty of supporting such a thing as murder for hire. As stated I do so only under duress. But since the majority of what I and Quest Diagnostics does is in advance of health I guess that an argument can be made overall in defense of the diagnostic industry.

And I might add as a self defense if one is needed or even permissible in the eyes of God it would be that I only collect a small amount of murder victims and another laboratory, Bio Reference gets the bulk of the murder victims. They haul out a cardboard box containing about thirty or forty murder victims everyday as far as I can see.

Getting back to that conversation which I heard upon entering the aforementioned Englewood abortion clinic I was fascinated by the conversation between two individuals which seemed, judging by their ages to be a mother and a father of a young girl inside having the abortion performed upon her.

The woman speaking to the man said in a tone of guilt ridden reassurance that “children” make mistakes. She continued by stating that this is how they “learn” from their mistakes. The man responded in a somewhat hesitant and not guilty reassurance that he had made the right choice “that’s right, that’s right!”

If I can find one positive thing about that fact that a child’s mother and another child’s father were there to even have such a discussion it is the simple fact that in most of the instances the only person waiting for the formerly pregnant female is the boyfriend, allegedly the sperm donor, or in many cases a caring girlfriend.

As an observation the majority of the people I observe waiting are of an African-American of Hispanic descent. That might simply reflect the ethnic and racial make-up of the area. But as pointed out on Dawn’s blog it also might be a reflection of the target audience of the medical service.

Clearly all races and ethnicities are regularly represented at some abortion clinic in America. It is not something unique to one group. It is an issue related to modern social values as a whole.

The discussions and debates will clearly continue. I don’t suspect that anything of a political nature will ever change it. The only thing which will ever prevent an abortion is a change of heart of the individual.

As for the view expressed by the mother mentioned above and endorsed by the father all that I can say is that the way children should learn is by education and good solid family values. Teaching children the facts of life and keeping lines of communication open within the family unit can go a long way in preventing the perceived necessity of abortion.

At one time some years ago while working for a former diagnostic laboratory, SmithKline Beecham, while in the process of retrieving several murder victims from an abortion clinic in Fort Lee, New Jersey I made an observation. The abortion clinic would at times wrap the container which contained the murder victims in tin foil.

This was a disappointment to me as I was often fascinated to view the beauty of the tiny face, hands, fingers, feet and toes of the murder victim in an unwrapped specimen container. If you really want to know with all confidence that a fetus is life I would encourage you to look at the face the eyes, ears, nose and mouth of a fetus.

I assure you that if you ever have the opportunity to do so you will see the unborn face of Mary’s child, The Christ. You have a right to choose. Choose Life. In regard to the fetus wrapped in tin foil I once composed a little poem for that little innocent.

You might have been a happy little boy.
You might have been a pretty little goil.
But now you are just a medical specimen.
Wrapped in tin foil.

Freedom of Speech or Death
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