Friday, March 21, 2008

Sanctity of Life

Apparently there is some life that is viewed as sacred and protected under law. How can that be you ask? Isn’t it legal in all fifty states of the union to terminate developing life? Yes it is I say. Then how, you ask is life protected? Let me explain.

While reading an article about the problems caused by Canada Geese which have taken up residence in Northern New Jersey parks I learned something interesting which in due course led to this posting.

It seems that in order to stop an egg from hatching you can rub the egg with vegetable oil. The term is addling the egg. It prevents the air sac from forming within the egg by cutting off air to the inside of the egg.

If the egg floats the sac has already been pretty well formed according to this article. And once the air sack has been formed it by law cannot be addled.

I find it reassuring that men are concerned with geese to the point that they would pass laws protecting goose eggs. Perhaps someday they will get around to protecting human life as well.

After all since God made geese and made man you would think that his standards would apply to all developing life on an equal basis. But for now bird life it would seem is of more value than human life.

Hello, is anyone out there? Kirk to Spock, come in Spoke. Beam me up Scotty!

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