Friday, April 04, 2008

Hackensack Roller Rink Demolished

One of my childhood memories was skating at the roller rink at the corner of Atlantic and First in the city of Hackensack, New Jersey. It might not have been the most ornate of rinks as roller skating rinks go, but it was a pretty good place to spend the evening.

Not that I was in any way an exceptional skater, I was just a kid having fun. The reason I was there was that my mother, who at one time skated in competition, was the organist, or at least one of several at the rink. That was cool because I got to go up by the organ and look out over the skaters as my mother played waltzes and other selections of the day.

That was long before rinks went all disco. So why am I thinking about this time of life. Well, last night I drove past the old rink and I noticed something out of place. It was soon enough apparent what was amiss. The rink was gone. It hadn’t been a roller skating rink for many years and had last I believe been home to some import export company.

Apparently it has become the latest victim of the ever expanding
Hackensack University Medical Center. It was clear that it has been in the gun sites of the Medical Center which has bought all the land in the area as much as it is able to acquire.

I expect that it won’t be long before the continuing expansion reaches the Bergen County Court House at which time they might face a small degree of opposition to any further expansion. But for now if you Google a map of Hackensack you might want to update the Medical Center grid outline a little further North and South.

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