Monday, April 21, 2008

List of Books to be Written

While reading a blog post of a friend I had the idea to respond to a list of “favorite book of all time.” To see the original list you can go to the blog of Addled Writer and I suggest that you do.

Addled Writer is a published author but also keeps a personal blog of life and observations. Sometimes Addled Writer simply “got up, got dressed and went to work.” But you will often find links to the views of others as well as the personal views of Addled Writer.

Unlike my own “profound” rants Addled Writer tends to be more light hearted and well, for lack of a better word, addled.

But here is my list of book titles which though not yet written should be.

Book Titles that might not be real but should be!

1: Hustler the First Twenty Five Years A Lesbian Pictorial of Dolly Parton
2: Poon Tang the Drink of Astronauts and other Aphrodisiacs
3: Buzzed a Barbers Guide to Hollywood
4: Dolly Parton Climb Every Mountain (See #1)
5: Cocaine a guide to Hollywood Nightlife
6: Do it Yourself Abortion a Guide to Hollywood Back Ally Nightlife (see #5)
7: Conservative Blogging for America How to Have Fun and make friends out of Pinko Liberal Commie Bastards
8: A Lawyers Guide to Honesty How to cheat and not get caught
9: Willie Nelson My first Year of Sobriety Maybe Next Year
10: Mohammad The Bible is a lie made up by The Jews

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