Saturday, July 26, 2008

Michael Savage Autism Debate Continues

Apparently the syndicators of the Savage Nation and Michael Savage have been in serious discussion regarding the recent issue of autism and the meaning behind what Savage said. After all related issues were considered it has been concluded that the only thing which Savage might be guilty of is a failure to make his intended statement about autism and how it is being enlarged into the “autism spectrum” more clear.

But when taking into consideration that Savage always speaks extemporaneously, it is difficult to imagine that he or any other person will not sometimes say things which can be misunderstood by his vast audience.

Adding to that is the possibility that he has political enemies who look for any possible opportunity to gain an upper hand by taking things out of context and twisting them. I have to admit that I myself after hearing his comments was left somewhat annoyed by what he seemed to be saying.

In all fairness Michael Savage as any other person has the right to explain himself. Savage has the right to clarify those statements, and any reasonable person should be willing to listen and give due consideration to that explanation. Clearly Savage has made that defense of his position and when heard in the proper context the explanation is both reasonable and satisfactory.

Of course the enemies of Savage, the enemies of truth will find no explanation either reasonable or satisfactory. For those individuals with an agenda it is not possible to make explanation. Indeed those individuals have set about to destroy Savage. But will that happen to Savage? As an old man once said to me about pigs flying, “that ain’t going to happen any time soon.”

So since the syndicator will now provide, as a mea culpa in my opinion free P.S.A’s about autism, the opening has been made for much more discussion on this topic. Clearly those afflicted with autism deserve both the loving concern of the public as well as their support.

But the issue that Michael Savage has begun should not be permitted to be swept under the rug because it is too controversial. Savage should not be kept from speaking on this subject. Though it is good to have a dialogue about the seriousness of this ailment, it should at the same time become a discussion of what is and what is not true autism.

Barbara Anderson said to me in correspondence “Since nobody has a definitive answer as to the cause of autism, I think it is good to have a forum on it where we can all share opinions and even anecdotal evidence.”

I would agree with that thought and hope that by the actions of Dr. Savage some good will come out of this debate. Those with autism, the true autism deserve the help of society in solving the mysteries of autism.

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