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Michael Savage Called a “Pig” by Geraldo Rivera!

During the 11:00 a.m. hour of the July 26, 2008 Larry Kudlow show aired weekly on New York Radio giant 770 W.A.B.C. Michael Savage was called a “pig” by Geraldo Rivera. Rivera had been filling in for Kudlow when he made the comment. Due to his view of how Savage hurt the families of people with autism Rivera considers the comments made by Savage to be unacceptable.

Rivera a nationally recognized news correspondent and a journalist went on to say that he considers what Media Matters has been doing in attacking Savage as a proper response to the on air comments of
Michael Savage.

During the first segment of the hour Rivera fielded a few calls but seems to have cut the calls a little short, perhaps because each call was in support of Dr. Savage. But for what ever the reason, time constraints notwithstanding Mr. Rivera remained rigid in opposition to the words of Savage.

The few callers which were given the opportunity to speak to the issue spoke along the lines of the following:

Caller Mike: Identifying himself as a special education teacher agrees that most of the kids that he has worked with who are diagnosed as autistic are not. The caller supports the position of Savage. Strangely even though the caller supports Savage, Rivera seemed to have little to say in defense of his own “pig” comment.

Caller Tom: When speaking to the issue the caller stated that he supported the Savage position. Again Rivera doesn’t seem to believe that people could be speaking out in support of Savage.

Caller Vincent: Takes great offense at the comments made in derision of Michael Savage.

It seems that Michael Savage has loyal listeners who are always ready and able to come to his defense. This man just might have the most loyal listenership in talk radio.

Sadly it sounded to me that Geraldo Rivera a man who I have admired over the years, must be counted among those who have made up their mind on the issue without giving fair and balanced consideration to both sides of the issue.

Whether his position is due to the reporting of
Media Matters for America or is based upon his own bias towards Savage, I find it insulting to his audience and especially to Mr. Kudlow to air such negative views of a fellow radio personality on the program of another person.

If Geraldo Rivera wanted to make such strong statements, which is absolutely his right to do, he should have done so in his own venue. Geraldo overstepped the bounds of propriety in abusing the airwaves on loan from another talk show host.

I believe that all parties would be well served if Geraldo Rivera were to speak directly to Michael Savage on air after having first listened to the last few broadcasts of Michael Savage in which Savage clarified his earlier comments regarding his opinion on the majority of people diagnosed with autism.

The issue as pointed out by Dr. Savage is of such importance that it should not be reduced to an issue of name calling. Considering that Geraldo Rivera made his mark by his expose’ of the
Willowbrook State School, on Staten Island, New York in the 1970’s one might think that he would want to join forces with Dr. Savage in exposing what might possibly be one of the largest scandals in modern American medical history.

You can bet that anyone who has a vested interest in this story including as I stated in a past article, Big Pharma, some segments of the medical community, certain segments of the educational establishment and others would surely want to put the lid on this story.

I believe that the trade term for such an agenda is “Spike the story.” For that reason alone a newsman with the reputation of Geraldo Rivera should want to get his teeth into the story of how Big Pharma is manipulating the medical diagnosis of children for purely financial reasons.

That is precisely what Savage had been attempting to do in his failed attempt to make a point. Sadly due to a lapse in word craftsmanship mixed with a good dose of passion Dr. Savage dropped the ball. If Savage owes any form of apology to anyone he owes it to his syndication network for a brief lapse of professionalism.

Strangely, Geraldo Rivera played a large role in the closing of Willowbrook, the conditions of which he himself described as horrific. At the same time Savage states that his severely retarded brother was placed in a place that he can only refer to as a “hell hole.”

Could it be that these two men’s lives have in some strange way crossed paths in a way that demands that these same two men stand together as one in an effort to protect children from harm?

I say to Geraldo Rivera you need to get all the facts before you call Michael Savage a pig. As a professional you owe that much to your audience. And Michael Savage owes it to his audience to invite Rivera onto his program in an open dialogue that will possibly result in a healing of something which has been blown way out of proportion by the detractors of Michael Savage.

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