Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Michael Savage on Autism

Recently, Syndicated Radio Talk Show host Michael Savage made some comments on the issue of autism and it’s over diagnosis by the medical community as well as those not qualified to make such diagnosis.

Those comments seem to have created a small firestorm of controversy which Savage attributes to his enemies at Media Matters. Is the criticism of Savage well founded? Savage himself says no!

So outraged was Savage by the reaction that he has received that he dedicated an entire program to the subject. In that program he defended himself stating that what he said was taken out of context.

It is true that Savage has defended those who are unable to defend themselves. He in fact had a brother who was severely handicapped never uttering a spoken word in his life. Savage has also spoken out against Howard Stern in the past because of the way Stern uses handicapped people to simply get a laugh.

Looking back to the original program in which Savage spoke about the issue of autism Savage clearly spoke about the over diagnosis of autism and how people were using it as a means to gaining funding from the public trough.

That is as I understood his original comments as I listened to that program. Yet thinking back I do seem to recall Savage in his zeal stating that [there is no such think as autism.] I remember it since I have a dearly loved nephew who is autistic.

My thought at that time was well Michael if there is no such thing as autism then what is wrong with my nephew? That is why I find some of the defense of his position indefensible.

Dr. Savage I believe that you need to go back to the comments which started this firestorm and relive the moment. If indeed you did make the statement which I believe that you made then even though you are clearly not the monster that Media Matters would make you out to be you might just owe all of us a small and humble apology.

Clearly Michael Savage spends countless hours in front of the microphone and in that time it is possible for anyone to make a statement that is not quite on target. Savage now states his position so that the record is straight. Now Savage must simply to put all cards on the table for the sake of his loyal listeners. Please Michael, get everything out in the open.

If in fact you did overreach your viewpoint in the original comments then just state that you in your sometimes bellicose style got a little carried away by pure emotion. We love you Savage and we will understand. After all your confrontational manner is what makes you the great host you truly are.

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