Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Michael Savage Gives Autism Airtime

As a result of the recent autism controversy Michael Savage has begun to air a radio spot dealing with the issue of autism. Apparently it is a decision made by the syndicators of the Savage Nation.

Savage himself made no comment on the spot and seems to be letting it go by as just yet one more commercial. Clearly the group is interested in getting out facts about autism and forming a source of shared information.

If the commercial sponsorship of the network helps in this cause then perhaps Savage has done a good thing in bringing this issue to the forefront of media. But what Dr. Savage said about the issue of big pharma should not be allowed to slip out of sight. That also is an important issue. One which Savage was attempting to raise and which Savage claims was blown out of proportion by Media Matters when this controversy began.

You can go to the
IAN PROJECT if you want to know more about autism. And if you want to read the latest at Media Matters for America you can do that as well. After all everyone has the right to protected speech, no matter what side of the fence you stand on.

Freedom of Speech or Death
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