Monday, August 04, 2008

Michael Savage to Play Hardball with Media Matters

After having become a political target of Media Matters for America, an organization which Hillary Clinton claims to be responsible for starting, the nationally syndicated radio talk show host Michael Savage recently stated on air that he intends to bring legal action against that organization.

According to Savage, “I am in communication with a congressman” the identity of whom Savage failed disclose. According to Savage
Media Matters is guilty of violations of the RICO Act.

Though he was unclear as to exactly what sort of criminal conspiracy Media Matters is guilty of Savage apparently believes that he can make a good case against Media Matters. Dr. Savage has already called upon his audience to seek the 501(C)(3) report that the tax exempt organization is legally required to provide to anyone asking for it.

That act alone can cause a rather sizeable headache for Media Matters. But that is the least of their problems in my view. If in fact Savage does carry out his threat to bring a suit against Media Matters it could prove troublesome for them as they will have to go through what could possibly prove to be an extensive and exhaustive discovery process.

I believe that Media Matters has walked onto very thin ice which is exactly where Savage wants them. However Savage himself might be treading on thin ice when he asks his audience to contribute to his legal defense fund in his fight against CAIR and Media Matters since it might be a conflict of some statute to commingle funds for a fight against
CAIR and his fight against Media Matters.

He might very well have to create two separate accounts which would require that the donor earmark the donation for a specific account. Perhaps it might serve Savage well if he were to simply create some sort of single Michael Savage Fund for American Justice which would be legally dedicated to his overall fight for the defense of Constitutional Rights.

Certainly not being a lawyer I have no expertise in such matters but if there is any possibility that
Michael Savage might give his enemies an opportunity to attack him with some legal angle he might want to give serious consideration to this aspect of his funding.

Savage recently had his case against CAIR
thrown out of court for all intents and purposes. He was expecting nothing less and is prepared to take it all the way the United Sates Supreme Court.

Savage will not be denied his day in court. But judging by the recent actions of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, it is questionable if there are enough teeth left in our Constitution to even have a positive outcome.

When the Constitution is treated as nothing more than toilet paper by individuals such as
Pelosi then one must consider that America is already dead and no one has yet to notice the stench of America’s death.

Freedom of Speech or Death
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