Sunday, September 14, 2008

Did This Blogger Threaten Life of Michael Savage?

A blogger calling himself SkiTheStars has posted a blog comment at his Blog titled Ski The Far Stars. The post which is titled Thrill Michael Savage was originally posted under the url which seems to reflect the thinking of this particular bloggers views of Michael Savage.

If you click on this link
Thrill Michael Savage you will see it in your browser address box on your screen. This individual says this of himself, “I am beset with a brain that comes up with outside-the-box observations, and ideas about improving things, and, if I have a "mission" in life, it is to share these, which typically show up after a good night's sleep.”

I suppose that suggesting that someone kill Michael Savage can be considered thinking “outside-the-box.” I suppose that some individuals might consider the idea of killing Michael Savage “improving things.” And I suppose that suggesting that someone kill Michael Savage would be a “mission” in life that one might want to share with other people of a similar mindset.

The only problem with that is conspiring on the internet to murder someone is a federal crime.

What this individual seems to fail to recognize is that after publishing a post even though you can edit it and change the title or any other portion of the post you can’t change the url address which in this case is the one sited above which clearly refers to the death of Michael Savage.

Yes, it is stated as a question but since the blogger is clearly liberal in viewpoint who describes himself as a person with a “mission” in life, one can reasonably assume that the opinion of this blogger is that someone “should” kill Michael Savage.

The issue is not that he called for such action in the blog. The issue is based on a consideration of all the facts noted above, did this blogger threaten the life and safety of Michael Savage? You decide.

Since it might be deleted by the blogger after this is posted I will simply reproduce the blog post here for posterity.

Sunday, September 14, 2008
Thrill Michael Savage ???
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Watch this show, or read the transcript at the website above. It not that we need to stop them from broadcasting. What we need is to have a population that finds them laughable, and so they are dropped for commercial reasons. The Operation Chaos mindset will be evolved out of the system by 2042, when this stupid business of white supremacy is breed out of the country.

I sincerely hope that these types are fewer and farther between, before we get there, I will be 98 by then.
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Addendum: The link I am providing here is the article which SkiTheStars referenced in his blog url kill-michael-Savage.html, and it is a good insight into liberal thought about Michael Savage. It is found at Shuck and Jive. It describes itself as the blog of A Presbyterian minister.

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